Bonjour, Bonsoir, Bon Fromage: Festival of European Cheeses

It’s rare these days that we can engage in cultural appropriation and nostalgia without having to mentally quash visions of current intense political turmoil and scenes undeniably reminiscent of the worlds greatest historic moral nosedives adapted for the contemporary era.

But if there’s one country that stands relatively stable in current perception and culpability in mass child prison camps, it’s France. Sure, they’ve had strange Sarkozian interludes, but, in the times in which we’re living, a nepotistic arms proliferator is one step up from ‘preferred candidate’.

And how bad can Macron be? His name sounds like a biscuit.

Speaking of aggressively French things often found in the mouths of chi-chi school teachers, Bon Fromage: Festival of European Cheeses is back once again.

For three days, join Carriageworks to experience the taste of Europe. This year’s festival will feature a 60-metre free tasting table loaded with over 1 tonne of cheese, showcasing more than 20 varieties of cheese from France.

Meet world-renowned French Cheese Monger Francois Robin, Festival Ambassador, as he runs masterclasses and tastings with local guests. Enjoy cheese masterclasses and cooking demonstrations on the main stage. Purchase cheese from some of Sydney’s leading cheese provedors including Simon Johnson, Occello and The Artisan Cheese Room. Try one-off dishes created just for the festival from KOI Dessert Bar, BL Burgers and Loluk Bistro.

So ready that colon, mon ami.

In about a month from now, after an intense round of laxatives, it’s going to experience the ride of its life.

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