Better Than Real at Really Nice Fest

Reminiscing about the recent past is complex.

It is somewhat comforting reflecting upon life before the lock-down in which we were only at the behest of the sudden, dangerous rise of warmongering political right wing leaders, nuclear Armageddon, an environmental holocaust and world war three.

Until you realise that we are still at the behest of all of those things, and that the sweeping pandemic may be the last era we will get to experience and all we will have to show for it is a clean anus, if we’re lucky.

Yet, it can seem that it’s all we have left to quiet our raging anxieties. Because that in which we once took refuge, the Petri dishes of less voracious, more curable diseases like gonorrhoea throughout which DJs could pump their latest sick mix tentatively titled, ‘Life In My Mother’s Basement’, in other words, clubs and bars, have been shut in an effort to curb the spread of infection.

But this is 2020. We have spent at least a decade sacrificing our civil liberties and having our sexual deviancies tracked by Russian hackers and Jeff Bezos just so we could participate in the creation of a virtual world filled with all the experimental indie bands, overvalued electro DJs, conversations about healing crystals and MDMA and alcohol-fuelled rave dancing that we could get at any sweaty underground club without the cover charge and risk of non-consensual Rohypnol ingestion.

It’s time we took advantage of that world with Really Nice Fest.

Yes, Ron Gallo has announced Really Nice Fest, an “ongoing, ever changing digital festival” via the Instagram Live channel @reallyniceinsta.

Really Nice Fest is named after the creative outlet Gallo launched in December, Really Nice Website. Initial performances scheduled will feature Ron Gallo & Chickpee, Natalie Prass, the 3:11 Eric Slick Bongo Bananza, Naked Giants, Not From England, No.Stress (Paul Horton of Concurrence & Alabama Shakes), and Ohmme. The livestreaming festival will also feature comforting/positive reading material, DJ sets, tutorials, a talk show hosted by Gallo, with many more artists added to the schedule daily.

Outside, the past is gone, the present is terrifying and the future is most likely a combination of the two.

But inside the virtual, there is no past, present or future, there is only content.

So just dance, dance, dance, come on.

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