Believe in Yourself with Gender Empowerment Week

It’s getting increasingly difficult to be a good person.

Weeks of being trapped inside with nothing but your own base impulses growing ever stronger and more complexly specific without anyone to dissuade you from surrendering to those impulses by expressing their disgust verbally, projectile vomiting, or gently guiding your hand away from the carefully prepared peanut butter-smothered dildo resting on the freshly pressed bee costume from your child’s last school play can warp your sense of objective morality.

It’s times such as this we’re forced to face the fact that no matter how much we’ve invested in our boring veneer, there will always be a boring pervert beneath the surface.

We could take this time to reflect upon the inherent nature of morality and the necessity for consistent dishonesty, an immoral act within itself, to maintain the integrity of a larger morality, the integrity of which can only be barely sustained.

But instead, why not convince yourself that of course you’re a good person and always have been? A good, caring, intellectually curious person who is fundamentally concerned with understanding the complex experiences of others? Do so with 320 and Femme Fatale’s Gender Empowerment Week!

Yes, 320 has announced the partnership with LA-based production company, Femme Fatale for Gender Empowerment Week. Experience a week full of daily online educational sessions and panels, drag make-up tutorials, and special guest performances to further the conversation on gender fluidity, the queer community, and mental health. Anyone around the world can tune into the virtual program via Twitch and Instagram Live.

Gender Empowerment Week will feature performances by Ka5sh, Holander, Vitakari, Summer Speck, Wils, and Sadgirlism. The educational sessions include topics on Allies and the Queer Community, Art Escapism, Creating From Within, Drag Make-Up Tutorials, Elemental Movement, Gender Possibilities, Mindful Creativity, Queer Stigma, and Women in Live: Mental Health in the Workplace.

You’re a good person. You’re a good person. Put down the peanut butter! You’re a good person.

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