Be Your Worst Self at Beyond the Valley

‘Tis the season and it’s time to go deeper.

Deep into your emotional torment. Deeper into the mental illnesses that began cooking in adolescence and whose simmering presence has since been vaguely shrouded by the numbing cloak of aspirational financial solvency.

Like we said, ’tis the season.

Soon you’ll be surrounded by a family, biological or not, who will force you to relive numerous things you’ve repressed, so like a giant theistic god-baby, why not take control of your own mental triggers and embrace the fact that you have been and will always be an immature petty prick, so at least you’re not blindsided just at the point when you’ve had enough Brandy to take issue with grandma’s steady stream of racism?

Well, folks, there’s no better place to embrace your whiny, childish demons in preparation for the upcoming season than Beyond the Valley.

Beyond The Valley is a boutique Australian music festival that began in 2014, and runs annually over the New Year’s Eve period. Each year, a carefully crafted selection of world class local and international artists perform across three distinctly designed, purpose built stages.

Rüfüs Du Sol and US rapper Tyler, the Creator have been named as headliners this year.

Other highlights on this year’s bill include Chicago house legend Curtis Jones (aka Green Velvet) and techno duo Claptone, along with rightfully hyped DJ Honey Dijon and grime MC Skepta. Which isn’t to say there isn’t a stack of local talent as well, with the likes of Hayden James, Matt Corby, Meg Mac, The Veronicas and Mallrat all set to perform as well.

You’ll dance around in a vague stupor, profess a lot of nonsensical bollocks whilst firmly of the belief that you are the new prophet and you’ll very likely soil yourself several times.

It’s far better sitting down at the Christmas table with your head full of the devils you know.

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