Be Liable For Your Own Happiness with Higher Together: Sessions From Home

Pain is relative. No thinking human with the ability to engage in the smallest amount of self-reflection could deny that.

Every human experiences pain at some point and the cure to that pain has been pedalled to us in different forms. Alcohol, My Little Pony, tobacco, Masterchef, sugar, Oprah and porn are amongst the legal, and the far less deadly are amongst the illegal.

In the age of COVID-19 it’s not a stretch to say that almost everyone on earth is simultaneously experiencing some form of pain and anxiety.

But as a result of COVID-19, anaesthetising oneself via something legal has become grossly insufficient and, in some cases, difficult. A limit has been placed on the amount of alcohol one can purchase, tobacco prices in Australia are already astronomical, My Little Pony and Masterchef can only quell the pain in small increments and both have troubling associations with morally corrupt balding men, Oprah’s somewhere in one of her mansions gorging on a giant ham served on her Weight Watchers stock certificate and as we all know, there’s a limit to how much porn our bodies can physically process whilst still maintaining the bodily fluids vital to preventing an immunocomprimised system.

We’re not suggesting you turn to something currently illegal to calm that swirling ocean of unrest inside yourself.

We’re not technically suggesting that.

Something unrelated that may be of interest to you is happening on Tuesday morning. It’s called Higher Together: Sessions From Home.

Yes, experience the world’s biggest 420 celebration with Higher Together: Sessions from Home, featuring a DJ set and smoke session with Wiz Khalifa, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ari Lennox, Joey CoCo Diaz, Berner, an acoustic set and video premiere of Mama Kush and many surprise special guests.

Enjoy responsibly.

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