Be In The Black Before The Red and Green with The Melbourne International Arts Festival

It’s easy to be provoked in the era we’re living in. There’s so much to be angry about. Politics, the economy, mass poverty, the environment, Metallica cancelling their Australian tour and Michael Bublé not cancelling his Australian tour.

But provocation doesn’t necessarily involve anger. One can be provoked into acts of love, unrestrained expressions of beauty and the creation of century-defining artistic pieces of incredible complexity and truth.

…The operative word is ‘can’.

In truth, the most powerful and common provocation involves fear.

This October, one will be provoked by holier-than-thou friends and relatives to attend a contemporary arts festival. And one will attend that festival to assuage the fear associated with the raging inferiority complex present in every human’s psyche. That complex tends to suffocate all that ‘love’ and ‘truth’ bollocks.

Welcome, petty friend, to the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Provoking and inspiring, Melbourne International Arts Festival seeks to connect art forms, people and ideas. At the heart of Melbourne’s culture of creativity, it curates unique experiences that bring people together and break new ground in culture and the arts.

Highlights of this year’s program include: The Nico Project (British actor Maxine Peake will be stepping into Nico’s shoes for this show that digs into the performer’s dark past), TeamLab (an art collective whose members include mathematicians, architects, CG animators and engineers), At the Illusionist’s Table (dinner with a ‘mentalist’ and illusionist and magic at close quarters), Roots (combining handmade animations with live performance), Gender Euphoria (featuring a cast of trans and gender diverse artists, the show mashes together the traditions of vaudeville with genre-pushing and boundary-pushing performance) and many more live performance art experiences and exhibitions.

So, there you go. A greasy salve for your fragile psyche in the form of an arts festival. And if there’s one benefit to this era, it’s that you have ample opportunity to record evidence of your intellectual worth.

Consider it an investment.

Christmas is on the horizon.

This calculated ego-boost might just prevent your self-worth from becoming a smouldering pile of ash come Boxing Day.

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