Be Happy or Don’t at the Electric Gardens Festival

We’re all chasing a buzz.

No matter how clean, sober or morally opposed to gluten you may claim to be, the fact remains that humans are, by nature, drug addicts. Anything to get that warm squirt of dopamine and serotonin that makes our limbs feel squiggly and suicide marginally less preferable.

The problem is there is no universal way to finger that neurotransmitter to potential ecstasy, no matter how many dry instructive books or GQ articles you read. Well, there is, but until hard drugs are legalised on a mass scale, we’re stuck blindly poking around and desperately hoping for a life-affirming gasp of pleasure.

The further problem, as a result, is that some methods of wonderful chemical release directly cause a certain ear-having section of the populous a lot of misery.

Enter: the Electric Gardens Festival.

Yes, it’s back for 2020.

The Electric Gardens Festival will take place in the lush surrounds of the city’s famous subtropical Centennial Parklands, showcasing some of the biggest names in electronic music on Australia’s most iconic weekend. A celebration of music, culture and life.

This year’s lineup features Craig David, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ann Clue, Armand Van Helden, DJ EX, Eelke Kelijn, Gorgon City, Hoten, Gui Boratto, Koran Sound Live, Lucille Croft, Mar-T, My Nu Leng, Nore En Pure, Pan-Pot, What So Not and many more.

For the ravers, 2020 is your perpetually refilling needle of happiness. For the others, there is hope. Tickets to Electric Gardens cost around two hundred bucks. A decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a bottle of whisky cost around seventy bucks.

And if you’re young and alive in 2020, there is no greater high than fiscal solvency.

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