Be Better Now Before It’s Sold Out at Earth Frequency Festival

As humans we are constantly searching for ways in which to transform. Whether it be via a change in appearance, a change in consciousness or a change from one social media platform to another whose chosen form of communication is more metonymically relevant to whomever’s surgically enhanced arse is currently being lauded.

There has never been so many ways in which to try to address the only uniformly recognised birthright: self-hatred.

But it’s still 2020. And that means that a myriad of curatives is not enough. We’ve become accustomed to pick and mix, value for money, as much purchasable personality as you can cram down into that screaming chasm of inadequacy.

Enter: Earth Frequency Festival.

Earth Frequency Festival is a 4 day outdoor festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia. While fitting in to many cultural niches or pigeon holes such as music concert, transformational festival, tribal gathering, doof, workshop conference etc, the aim of Earth Frequency Festival is to go beyond these traditional tags and exist as a multi-faceted gathering focused broadly on creativity, community, connection, intention and inspiration, with an evolving re-invention of itself in response to the evolution of its supporting communities.

Party-goers can look forward to heart-thumping sets from local, national and international music guests such as Clozee, Luigi Madonna, Desert Dwellers, The Upbeats, Nanoplex, Birds Of Paradise, The Strides, Tetrameth and heaps more spanning the breadth of electronic music as well as a wide selection of live music.

The buffet of self-actualisation is open from 9am Friday until 1am Tuesday. $370 entry, no limit.

It’s 2020 and ‘overconsumption’ no longer means anything.

It had to be bumped from the dictionary to make room for ‘stan’, ‘vulture capitalism’ and ‘swole’.

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