Be Better at Down to Earth: A Fire and Climate Relief Concert

We’re all seeking moral absolution.

Guilt is one of the many side effects that comes with the only universally recognised human birthright: self-hatred.

The majority of us haven’t done anything cataclysmically immoral, rather, we’re living a life of immorality by a thousand cuts. Which is why we never actually do anything to permanently re-calibrate our internal moral compass, but rather, we’re just constantly sticking band-aids on ourselves to cover the last rack of murdered pig we ate or the homeless guy we just avoided making eye-contact with. Every time you buy free-range eggs, an act of film piracy disappears from your cosmic record.

Every so often, the opportunity to stock up on band-aids arises that doesn’t involve having to interact with anyone of a lower socioeconomic class or engage in conversation beyond the aggressively mundane with your mother.

Presenting Down to Earth: A Fire and Climate Relief Concert.

A collective of some of Australia’s most beloved artists have announced they are coming together for Down To Earth – A Fire and Climate Relief Concert, featuring performances by (listed in alphabetical order) Angus and Julia Stone, Briggs, Gang Of Youths, Jack River, Ruby Fields, Tash Sultana and Thelma Plum.

A joint statement from the group said ‘Collectively, our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones, the firies who have put their lives on the line and continue to, and the communities across Australia suffering. We hope to give you the greatest thing we can in this time of great need – our voices and our songs.’

With 100% of profits being donated, the event will raise much needed funds for immediate fire relief via Red Cross and WIRES, as well as funding organisations that focus on long term solutions, education and leadership for the fire and climate emergency in Australia.

Hell, after this act of selfless charity, you might never have to speak to your mother again

(And remember you’re not morally responsible for what the Red Cross does or doesn’t do with the profits. In the game of altruism, it’s every man for himself.)

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