Be a Good Boy at Where The Wild Things Are Music & Arts Festival

Humans are in a constant battle with their animalistic tendencies.

That’s usually the line you tend to hear from someone who is facing the consequences of, but refuses to accept blame for, an act that warrants shaming and usually involves lack of consent. Whether that be consent before and during a sexual act involving another human, the consent of the baker or the bereaved before eating an entire funeral cake prior to the funeral, the consent of a hamster before its journey through a colon, the list is endless.

Human morality is a colourful spectrum of horrors and it’s interesting how the darkest acts are somehow relegated to the realm of the ‘inhumane’, when the opposite is true.

The most human thing you can do is be an irredeemable piece of s**t.

…Ruminating on the nature of humanity is exhausting, isn’t it?

Fancy a day of loud, blaring noise and stumbling around in a field communicating in grunts and squeals?

Come to Where The Wild Things Are Music & Arts Festival!

Red Forest Productions is ready for their wildest adventure exploring the elements of art and nature through sound and sight.

Ceres Community Park will be transformed into a space for all things to grow beyond the limits of your wildest imagination. Discover and share a whole range of knowledge through creativity, freedom of expression & environmental awareness, to be used as tools in strengthening the bond between yourselves and mother Earth.

Featuring diverse music across 3 exciting stages, markets and art, bars, food and an adults-only after party at Rubix Warehouse. Lineup: Kaya Project, Somatoast, Bayawaka, Safira, Staunch, Ryanosaurus, Shadow FX, Smilk, Eemus and many more.

We are not wild animals without conscious control over our impulses and instincts.

We are so much worse than that.

But for one day, we can all get down on our hands and knees, drool, roll around on the floor, bleat, bark, and wail along with the EDM beat and descend to that level of consciousness where we might, for once, be brainless enough to be good.

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