Bastille French Festival; Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

C’est la vie!

Loosely translated that means ‘that’s life’. Rarely, in times gone by, was that phrase cried apropos of nothing.

Which was a shame.

Because the majority of the time, lack of noteworthiness is what characterises life.

But we’re living in a world in which everything, via the right social media channel, is noteworthy.

So shame no longer exists and we feel perfectly comfortable using the phrase when introducing the Bastille French Festival!

It’s a free entry French cultural celebration of food, wine and art.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

The Parisian Foodie Village​ (located in front of Customs House), will be packed with all the traditional French foodie treats. Unfortunately that, as of yet, does not include the drained blood of monarchic despots, though given the proliferation of weirdness in the developing hipster palate and the increasing fury surrounding Brexit, that should appear at next year’s festival.

In The Gourmet Produce Alley​ (located beneath the Cahill Expressway), you’ll find all of the fancy take-home gifts, such as truffles, mustards, French linen, candies and biscuits, which’ll taste extra good mixed with the miasma of exhaust fumes.

At Le Mulled Wine Cinema​ (located on the grassy area in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art) you can watch all of your French cinema favourites as long as your knowledge of French cinema doesn’t extend beyond Hugh Jackman and the Aristocats.

At the Rocks Christmas in July Village ​(Argyle Street, The Rocks) and The Family-Friendly French Village​ (just in front of the Overseas Passenger Terminal) you can have a ride on a stunning vintage carousel, sample a selection of food trucks creating carnival foods, and enjoy the irony of experiencing Christmas in July at a French festival.

Fait chier!

It’s going to be a hell of a fun weekend.

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