Allay Your Fears with Diet Cig

History is not doomed to repeat itself.

Whomever said that said it with the full knowledge that saying the phrase ‘history is doomed to repeat itself’ repeatedly meant that technically they would always be right. But the idea is demonstrably incorrect and disregards the complexities for which we live.

Variances in experience are completely ignored by this axiom, like when a man with a history of alcohol abuse switches to heroin, or a father with a daily history of telling his pre-pubescent children that he loves them abandons the family and shacks up with his heroin dealer.

These permanent variances make up reality. Repeated wars and continued systematic oppression do not reduce the complexity of the human experience to a cyclical sitcom. If that were true, we’d all feel a lot more secure, safe in the knowledge that when we get killed off, it won’t be because of some random nonsensical happenstance, it will be because the conglomerate that bought ad space in our reality was no longer profiting off our persona.

But knowing we’re at the behest of a chaotic universe the whims of which we cannot actually predict is scary. Which is why we occasionally need to take solace in something that will truly never change. Like indie pop rock.

Self-titled slop pop band, Diet Cig, also described as an indie rock duo and defined by high-energy, emotional, super-catchy pop rock, which has attracted a cult following, will be performing an intimate livestreamed set. Experience their talents live.

Life is an experiment the outcomes of which resist accurate prediction.

But a conventionally appealing pop duo with tens of thousands of fans calling themselves a cult indie experiment? They’ll replicate perfectly ’til the sun burns out.

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