You’re Beautiful with Yoke Lore

Every human is fluid. That’s why we’re constantly attempting to define ourselves. Because we’re dealing with a brain soup of chemical impulse, dark sexual fantasies swirling around the back parts of our heads, acceptable sexual fantasies occupying the most of the rest of our heads and also the US election.

It’s what makes either going to sleep or waking up an act brimming with hope and potential and what makes either waking up or going to sleep a depressing, paralysing realisation of personal failures and ultimate pointlessness.

This back and forth between hope and the realisation of the pointlessness of hope is imperative to human functionality. It keeps us just motivated enough to wake up, eat the stuff, go do the thing that maintains the soft collective economic oppression, come home, and make our loved ones or message boards feel valid and in turn receive validation so we don’t go to sleep with a thousand pills dissolving in our stomach or stay awake and incite a revolution.

There’s a delicate beauty to this shuffling, rambling, sometimes pantsless dance. But we’re human. And sometimes we need distance to recognise the beauty of our own fluid, stale pointlessness. Have your life’s lack of ultimate trajectory presented to you in the form of indie pop.

Adrian Galvin, better known by his moniker Yoke Lore, is a multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist from New York, United States. Before going solo Galvin was a member of Walk the Moon and Yellerkin. Experience his style of rousing indie pop live.

Indie pop. Pointless, stale, cyclical and repetitive, but every so often, there’s a tiny voice in your mind that mutters “huh, maybe there’s something more to this”.

There never is more. But there doesn’t need to be. The tiny voice is enough.

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