Your Hovercraft Is Full of Eels! And The Cleaner’s Not Coming Till Monday. So Why Not Embrace Your Hovering Brethren Bed at the Ukrainian Festival?

Za zdorovie!

Damn right.

We said za not na.

The Ukraine is primed to give the finger to Putin’s Russia and there’s no better reason to celebrate the hell out of their culture.

Feast on varenyky, borsch, holubsti, sweets and cakes!

Make a shaky attempt at your slavic slide with an all-day concert program of music and dance, aided of course by flowing fonts of vodka, beer and cider!

It’s the undoubtedly the funnest way to protest that moronic monster up in his draconian ice castle.

…Before you return to your dark apartment for your regular protest program: seething in a cauldron of depression and venom punctuated by impotent sweary rants into the abyss.

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