Your Happy Daze Is Here

Ever felt that you were moving through life in a disassociated stupor?

Well your days of freeloading are over.

You have to buy tickets for this one.

Happy Daze is a celebration of eclectic electronic and live music – a full weekend of amazing sounds including glitch hop, techno, psytrance, breaks, live bands, drum and bass and much more.

It’s everything ‘contemporary’ about contemporary music.

All the wonder of not being able to quite discern one genre from another as you finally understand what it is to feel the beat…as opposed to being able to glean meaning from the lyrics.

But that’s not all. The otherworldly landscape that plays host to this festival will captivate you with seamless decor that transforms the space into a surreal paradise.

Complementing the atmosphere even further are the elements of delicious food, market stalls, a children’s space and enticing workshops.

Every aspect of your being will be catered to.

Except the part of you that responds to the existence of a melody.

This year’s lineup features: Mandala, Thomas Vent, Skyfall, Evil Oil Man, Menog, Formidable Vegetable, Golden Sound, Fat Picnic, bumble, Thad Lester, Ganga Girl, Hypnotech, Z.I.V, Psymom, smiGGle, Good Swing & Chevy Bass, AudioUnit, Midicinal Noize, Jekks, Soundfood, Azrin, Megapixel, Sera Marie, Duos, Hugh Jass, Vinny Xavier, Surge, Dreamvibes, Mickey Space and waltone.

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