Your Best Self is Waiting at Grape Southern Land

Consumption is a minefield.

We’re all waking up to the poisons in our food. The unnatural chemicals in bread. The toxicity of dairy. The bugs implanted by the 21st Century-version of the reformed Axis Powers in whatever product Aldi features in its Saturday sale.

It’s a testament to the evolution of humanity that we’re collectively taking steps to improve our physical and thus our mental health by steering away from the evils of gluten, lactose and numbered colourants and towards gluten-free, lactose-free vape juice, liquor and the finest synthetic cathinones.

Sure, we might be more tumour than human, and we may occasionally rip each others faces off with our bare teeth, but our digestion has gotten so much better.

What better way to enjoy our physical, psychological and, essentially, holistic superiority over our past selves than Grape Southern Land?

In its inaugural year, hosted in the historic Fitzroy Town Hall, come and taste over 200 wines from 30 eclectic, eccentric, and electric winemakers.

With a focus on minimal intervention, lo-fi, organic and sustainable wines, your ticket gives you the chance to sample some of the most exciting drops being produced in Australia right now.

So, drink up, health nuts!

The disfiguring scar from a liver transplant is far less unsightly than pasta-bloat.

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