You’ll Survive, So Be Good with the Isol-Aid Festival

Crises tend to illuminate, whether or not consensually or consciously, the width, depth and colour scheme of a human’s moral spectrum.

From the tiny black dot of the majority of the Australian government to the schizophrenic crayola-coloured vomit ocean of ‘regular’ people distributing toilet rolls for free and offering Instagrammable help to their oldest, most likely wildly racist, neighbours, our actions at this moment will forever be enshrined as an enduring aspect of our innate worth in the post-pandemic society.

While there is a lot to be fearful of in this unpredictable climate and a lot to miss about the knowable fear of the raging January bushfires, there is something to be said about how many opportunities there are to invest in your moral spectrum during this months-long sh*tshow.

One such opportunity is the Isol-aid Festival.

The Isol-Aid Festival is an Instagram Live music festival featuring an incredible lineup including Alex Lahey, Alex The Astronaut, Ali Barter, Big Scary, Camp Cope, Courtney Barnett, Gretta Ray, Middle Kids, Stella Donnelly and more. Tasty perfection in 24 hours over 2 days.

The festival is in aid of Australian music workers, who are part of one of the most vulnerable industries when it comes to job stability and mental wellbeing. By donating to the fundraiser attached to the festival, you will be positively impacting the lives of people in the music industry.

We’re not saying we believe in karma or divine justice or any of that arcane-until-white-people-discovered-it horsesh*t, however, we absolutely believe in a society aggressively monitored by several levels of international government, several corporate machines and several independent teenage Russian perverts, and the fact that you did nothing altruistic when the opportunity presented itself will undoubtedly affect your future targeted content.

You don’t want to face a future in which your lack of traceable selflessness has led to a daily inescapable barrage of targeted ads for Dance Moms, The Goop Lab, Reddit and shippable tactical hunting knives.

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