You Did Wait, Missy Higgins, You Did Wait

Remember that catchy tune that brought out visions of soap and slightly nonsensical metaphors about shape sorting cubes? That almost stripped down pop song whose vaguely bisexual singer had bare feet and hair just short enough for it to qualify as alternative?

Ever wanted to hear that singer’s style being shoved through and spit out by a synth?

Yes, Missy Higgins is back after a six year musical hiatus with a new album ‘Solastalgia’ and an Australian tour of which she states “There’s so much inspiring music being made out there in people’s bedrooms on their computers […] I wanted to see what sounds and beats we could conjure out of the electronic ether, and then try to wrap some stories and traditional instruments around them. It’s a huge journey, this album.”

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Tickets on sale now.

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