You Can Be More with Gary Crosby and Tomorrow’s Warriors

Being aware of one’s limitations is an important part of self-preservation. It’s mainly why we don’t try to walk off the roofs of high-rises more often. We’ve learnt from life experience that we will not be able to fly, and we don’t have the courage to actually try to successfully commit suicide with total conviction.

But awareness of one’s own limitations can also be a stifling thing. Too much honesty with oneself based on past failures is a paralytic. It can quash the desire to experiment and create. Maybe the mouldy tuna sandwich you drunkenly coveted at the 7-Eleven two nights ago wouldn’t have given you violent gastroenteritis. But you’ll never know. Because you were stymied by past prejudices.

Self-awareness must be regularly metered by flights of fancy in order for there to be any reason for you to exist at all. If you’ve discovered the entirety of your potential, what is there left to do but to eat, s**t and die without once truly believing you could stop an armed robbery or…become a brilliant, sexy musician?

Lie to yourself about yourself with the aid of Gary Crosby.

Gary Crosby and Tomorrow’s Warriors will celebrate 100 years of Charlie Parker with an exclusive set from Strongroom Studios as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. The multi-award-winning double-bassist, bandleader, music arranger and educator, Gary Crosby OBE, is hailed by many as the ‘Godfather of British Jazz’. He was a founder member of the Jazz Warriors and bandleader of Gary Crosby’s Nu Troop and Jazz Jamaica. In celebration of the Centenary of Charlie Parker, Gary Crosby will be playing five tunes written by the late, great saxophonist and composer. Each tune is a duet between Gary and a Warrior guest, a budding next-gen, featuring accompaniment by musicians also from their acclaimed Young Artist Development Programme.

Listen to this guy. He’s bloody brilliant. Look at you. No one’s saying you can’t be as brilliant. Unless you’re saying it. Don’t say it. Just for now. Eat the sandwich. Believe. Eat the sandwich.

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