You Are Who You Are with Bedouine

It’s always galling when the inherent pettiness of your passions is laid bare.

A cataclysmic catastrophe that reminds us of the fact that whilst we’ve spent so much time and thought on the construction of our identities based upon intimate knowledge of the metafictional depth of a Star Wars reference, the inherent prejudices and evils of the world have been festering, is at once refreshing and belittling to the notion of ourselves we’ve built up over a period of time.

We should all be regularly belittled by awareness.

But it’s important to remember that whilst awareness of the world’s evils is imperative, petty passions should not be abandoned. You are who you are and that is horrified, saddened, angered, inspired and motivated by the events taking place on the world stage.

You are also someone with strong opinions about the noteworthiness of budding indie folk artists and whether or not they are weird and contrarian enough to be worthy of the label ‘indie’.

Submitted for your consideration: Bedouine.

LA-based singer-songwriter Azniv Korkejian, better known as Bedouine, will deliver an exclusive set from her home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. When you listen to Bedouine’s love songs, you will be reminded of Karen Dalton’s world-wise voice or the breathy seduction of Minnie Riperton’s vocals, the easy cool of French ye-ye singers, and the poetry of Joan Baez. Her folk is nomadic, wandering across time and space, sometimes meandering into danceable jams.

Bedouine celebrated the release of her second full-length album, the beautiful Bird Songs of a Killjoy, in 2019. She has recently toured with the likes of Father John Misty, Kevin Morby and Michael Kiwanuka.

The world is in chaos; acknowledge it.

You think, for some reason, that listening to vinyl records makes you superior to everyone who does not listen to vinyl records; acknowledge that too.

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