Yarrabah Band Festival – Knock Knock, Who’s There? A Part of the Lineup

There’s bound to be an incredible percussive display featuring knocking noises to distract you from the fact that there’ll be no liquor.

This is “Australia’s most idyllic coastal music festival”.

Well, that’s certainly a bold claim.

Clearly they’ve felt that the noises we’ve made puking into the sea feeling like the ideal notion of a human being are meat for comparison.

But whether or not they’re willing to compete with our various excretions, they’ve lined up a brilliant amount of musicians.

Well, one: Paul Kelly.

The rest… well, we have no idea about their talent, but we can tell you that Vika & Linda Bull will be there as well as Black Image, Torres Strait hip hop legend Mau Power, rising star Kira Puru, and dance/pop powerhouse KLP.

You can appreciate Paul Kelly and your children will be distracted from their inevitably neglectful upbringing.

Come on down, Brisbane.

Distract yourself for free.

Just not in the liquid way you’d prefer.



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