Winter Solstice Festival: Bow Down To Your Life Choices


Hell of a start isn’t it?

And why not celebrate the dawning of the season of death with a rabid confirmation of life?

Inclusive of the little people you’ve decided to pump out in an attempt to validate your own existence.

Welcome, Brisbane, to the Winter Solstice Festival! It’s an annual festival of live music, dancing, talks and workshops for all ages, yummy food, a lantern parade and a mesmerising bonfire!

The main stage will host a range of live music, sustainable living educational talks and workshops will cover a broad array of topics and The Family Space will feature Earth Arts and Upcycled Art activities for the kids and teens, lantern making workshops for all and opportunities for the kids to build forts and play games while mum and dad chill out on the grass.

A little light arson is as conducive to distraction as committing yourself to a show on Netflix with a violent dystopia, violent murder or exploratory sex.


Because this time, you can bring along your children!

And it’s not as explosively enjoyable.

But the ephemeral moment of setting fire to a lantern and watching it float away into the sky is almost as satisfying as if you were able to set fire to your past life choices and watch them float away.

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