Whisky Uncovered: Spring Symphony…No Strings Attached


No one not under the influence of some kind of intoxicant has ever truly appreciated them.

Sure, there’s that friend you have that claims to appreciate Beethoven, but really was adolescently turned on by A Clockwork Orange, and then there was your grandfather, but the soundtrack was likely playing whilst he annihilated a bunch of innocent children in a war and now all he has is his precious dementia.

We promise you, this event compiles all that weighty consequence and then annihilates it in one glorious event.

It is a symphony…of whisky.

Essentially, a problem that solves itself. And then pays off.

On the 20th of October, Sydney will be hosting Spring Symphony’s tribute to the glorious brown liquor, and the only painful annoyance that will be involved is Danish music.

But don’t worry.

Danish music solves itself in laughter once you’ve ‘tasted’ the liquid gourmet fare of this event.



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