What’s In A Name? Everything. At Pinot Palooza.


It’s a liquor of dramatic contrast.

One either envisions a gilded room with both kinds of flutes and every kind of rich arsehole, or an alley with a bottle and every kind of STD.

It’s not a drink with middle ground connotations, though in both the aforementioned scenarios, the ground is the ultimate destination for all participants.

Seems wine needs a little bit of levelling out.

An event that is all at once as upmarket as it is downmarket to counteract the bipolar pattern of $3 dollar German to $300,000 French.

Enter: Pinot Palooza.

Let your taste buds loose over some of the finest wines produced in the world.

Pinot Palooza is wine that rocks. Their line-up of Pinot producers are the best from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. So come, soak up the wine, music and taste your way across the pinot spectrum.

Highlights of this festival include over 200 wines, 70 wineries, Bar Vermouth, Beer (of course) and a massive food line up.

They’ve used the term ‘wineries’, but they’ve also chosen to use the terms ‘rocks’ and ‘soak’.

For one relaxing day in the year, the bipolarity of wine will be localised entirely within your prefrontal cortex.

And if you still can’t reconcile the two extremes in your brain, just get tanked on beer.

Prohibitive class politics are not an issue there.



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