Wham! Bam! Cabaret Slam! What? You Didn’t Hear Us The First Time?

Please don’t leave.

We did use the word ‘slam’, but this time it’ll be different.

And we don’t mean it’ll be more politically relevant nor that the vegan cupcakes won’t contain errant pubic hairs this time.

Well…we don’t not mean that, but this place truly does have an excellent track record of omnivorousness and the highest healthy and safety standards.

After all, a place so deliciously morally filthy needs to offset it’s karmic score card somehow.

Yes, darlings.

A night of slam that doesn’t involve a f*cking drum circle.

10 artists. 10 minutes each. 10 minutes of dark, sequinned, sex-mad cabaret.

The stage is open. The bar is open. The legs are open.

Your only open responsibility is the tab.

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