We’re All In This Together with Marian Hill

The fact that we’re all in our own kind of pain is a difficult thing to admit.

It can feel somehow psychologically clarifying to look at someone and say to yourself that their kind of pain in no way matches yours. You may be disgusting in many ways, you may cause those closest to you immeasurable amounts of pain and you may have, at one time or another, genuinely enjoyed one of those programs presided over by that greasy square-headed sociopath Simon Cowell, but the fact that you can look in the mirror and despise what you see to such an extent that others can’t possibly understand the degree to which you self-punish can make it seem like you’re the righteous, deeply flawed anti-hero in your own story.

But in times such as this, when there are genuine catastrophes with which we all have to reckon, a few degrees of separation from your own mind and your own reality are necessary.

It’s important to realise that self-hatred and pain isn’t a competitive sport, if only for a brief period of time. And something that might help you in that realisation are the deliberately sparse, melancholic but familiarly poppy tones of indie duo Marian Hill.

Yes, Philadelphia duo Marian Hill will deliver an exclusive set from their homes as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. The genre-crossing duo is made up of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol. Following the release of their two EPs, Play and Sway, Marian Hill released their acclaimed debut album, Act One, in 2016 and follow-up Unusual in 2018. 2020 has seen Marian Hill release a new EP, Was It Not.

You may loathe yourself, but they loathe themselves and are in the pocket of Shazam, a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.

Put that in your pipe and mourn it.



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