We’re All Getting Screwed, So Raise A Glass at the Pronto! Italian Wine Fair

68 governments, 73 years. It’s no wonder the country of Italy dedicates so much of itself to the cultivation of an intoxicant.

That’s not a criticism.

Far from it.

If we had to look at the bald unquashable head of Silvio Berlusconi for 25 years straight, we’d be hard into heroin by now.

We’re not talking about the head with the face on it. Though we can only imagine he draws one on there from time to time.

And Berlusconi is just the wrinkled tip of the republic constantly dry-shafting its citizens. If you’ve ever watched an Italian parliamentary session, you’d get some idea as to the consequences of a country known for its uninhibited passion attempting to engage in parliamentary procedure.

Again, that’s not a criticism. If you’ve ever watched an Australian parliamentary session…oh, wait. You’re Australian. Of course you haven’t. Which is probably part of why we’ve had 7 prime ministers in 10 years.

And we’ve never produced a Masseto.

We are all, as citizens of countries run by humans attracted to power, in some way getting shafted. So we might as well share our lubricants around.

Introducing the Pronto! Italian Wine Fair. Bringing together the best in the business for an all Italian event held at The Tramsheds, this tribute to Italian wine features over 40 wines from various wine regions across Italy, jumping from one side of Artisan Lane to the next.

Cin cin, mate.



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