Welcome, Those Who Are Welcome to Melbourne Music Week

Music is the universal language.

As long as you possess a vocabulary 50% of which comprises alternate terms for ‘bourgeois’ and 25% of which comprises over-pronounced bastardised words from other foreign languages.

The other 25% tends to consist of expletives to direct at indelicate baristas.

Have the regular avenues through which you can assert your superiority become a little too beaten?

Feeling pent up?

Well, there’s no better place to give your acid tongue a good, hard work out than deep inside the curated program of Melbourne Music Week.

Melbourne Music Week (MMW) is a nine-day celebration of the city’s thriving world-renowned music scene.

Each year the citywide celebration centres around one performance hub which is purpose built for the week. This time around, MMW returns to its 2011 Kubik concept, bringing its bright and boxy installation to Alexandra Gardens. Artists performing at the Kubik hub include Andy Stott, Monolake, Soichi Terada, Kittin, CC:DISCO and Raphaël Top-Secret, Radio Slave, Nu Guinea, Mark Flash and DJ JNETT.

Beyond the hub, a vast range of events will take place across all kinds of venues. Robert Henke performs Lumière IIIx at the Melbourne Recital Hall, Goethe-Institut team up with MMW to bring DAF to Melbourne Town Hall, a handful of the WAT Artists roster soundtrack the night markets at Queen Victoria Market, Chiara Kickdrum leads a night at synthesiser studio MESS, an Algorave workshop takes place at Signal and Elisabeth Dixon employs the Federation Bells for a specially commissioned work at Birrarung Marr.

The week wraps up with a closing party in the Hamer Hall foyer co-hosted by Crown Ruler and Bizarro, featuring Luca Lozano, Roza Terenzi and Mr. Ho.

So, practice your Latin inflections and cleanse your canals, ear and otherwise.

Es scortum obscenus vilis, and you’re good at it.

P.S. Don’t forget to put on your kandi and prizm glasses, you rave bunny, and put your f*ckin hands up, cause some turnt s**t is dropping. You’re gonna be rolling tits.



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