We Have A Problem Here. Dr George Miller…Is Not…What He Seems.

Well, it’s not that surprising, is it?

Considering this guy’s directorial output, we’ve been envisioning him as some kind of nitro-sniffing tap-dancing bird-human hybrid with sawed-off shotguns for arms.

But that’s not to say that Dr George Miller isn’t a multi-talented being with unusual powers.

In fact, one could even venture to call him a hero.

A directorial heavyweight in the Hollywood film industry who’s historically swept the Oscars…and hasn’t been accused of rape?

And they say people don’t believe in heroes anymore.

Well damn them! You and me, we’re gonna give them back a hero!

Here he is!

A 60 minute power-session of hero worship with Dr George Miller, director of Mad Max, Happy Feet, Lorenzo’s Oil and Babe.

He’ll be tracing his Oscar-blasting films to his humble Chinchillan movie house youth.

He’s seen it. He’s seen it all.

And doesn’t have a criminal record to prove it.



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