Wanna Buy A Little Nostalgia? Well Have Your Credit Card Ready For The ‘Let It Be’ Tour!

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:

“God is dead. The Beatles are never coming back.

Two of them are corpses and the other two had the foresight to cannibalistically profiteer off Beatlemania instead of ramming sticks up their arses and preaching about the sanctity of music.

They were a bloody boy band.

Now, go clean yourself up. Father McLeod wants his special prayer time with you and he can’t lift his vestments above his knees like he used to.”

Yes, Mother Mary is right.

Though it may feel like a righteous act to feel anger when witnessing the cinematic turd that is Yesterday, it’s anything but. The Beatles were an extremely marketable boy-band with more pricey merchandise in the era of free love than you could shake a bong at.

Pragmatism dictates that we acknowledge that the film Yesterday is irredeemable for a whole host of other reasons, and that we instead look towards a finer incarnation of 21st Century Beatlemania profiteering.

Enter: The ‘Let It Be’ Tour.

Five Australian music legends – John Paul Young, Russell Morris, Glenn Shorrock, Doug Parkinson and Jack Jones – accompanied by the extraordinary 12 piece Day Tripper Band will perform two hours of the most popular Lennon/McCartney songs including Yesterday, Norwegian Wood, Let It Be, Dear Prudence, Eleanor Rigby, Come Together, Hey Jude and many more.

An iconic band’s oeuvre funnelled through truly talented fingers.

So count your blessings, drop to your knees and give thanks because Ed Sheeran will not be on the premises.



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