Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival – Try To Pronounce That Without An Australian Accent. We Dare You


The rose of Victoria

In that a rose may be visually pleasing, cared for by racist grandmothers yearning for death, smells at the very best disheartening and the name suggests something that makes you feel vaguely uncomfortable as to its referential history.

As such, it has spit out some brilliant musical talent.

And we’ve disparaged many musical festivals in the past, and we’re not so hopeful as to assume you’ll discover some incredible new talent at this music festival, but what we are sure of is that a shit city will, by design, produce some incredible music.

Featuring the talents of Yuri Honing, Alex Stuart Quintet, The Three Seas , The Shuffle Demons, Cass Eager & Velvet Rope., Box of Blues, Matt Schofield, Ultrafox, Adam Simmons Creative, Ben Hauptmann, Sirens Big Band, The National Jazz Awards, James Macaulay’s Hishakaku Quartet,  Aaron McCoullough, Vivian Sessoms, Niran Dasika Quartet, Anna Scionti,  Tank Dilemma, Opelousas, Jesse Valach & Blue Mountain, The Meltdown, Ray Beadle and the Pressure Cookers, Backsliders, Starlite Campbell Band, Red Hands, Cheryl Durongpisitkul, JAKAL,  FORQ, High Society Jazz Orchestra and more.

Look. It’s better than what America is spewing out now in terms of music.

Don’t get us started on anything else about America.

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