Vinosphere! (The Stratosphere Is Too Polluted To Help You Now)

Ever looked at a sphere and thought: “What a lot of pretentious twats.”?

Well this time you’ll be contemplating a far smaller concentration of people.

This isn’t a globe. This is Vinosphere.

So there’s a lot of wine.

…And you won’t feel shame, but superiority.

Yes, Vinosphere returns to Sydney Town Hall for a once-a-year epic wine tasting.

Well, clearly they’re unschooled in the ‘epic’ nature of a night of tasting wines that range from three dollars to fifteen dollars.

Because in terms of ‘schooling’, the people hosting this event have probably only tasted the fruit of private school priests.

…So there’s nothing to envy except a free ride into law school and indelible psychological scars.

Showcasing some of the finest, newest and coolest wines from all around the globe, this is an extraordinary opportunity to taste over 500 wines from more than 150 producers. And chat to the people who made them.

Just make sure you don’t mention Father O’Finnigan or his secret confessional.

Causing your host a psychological breakdown will only mar the delight of a complimentary Riedel wine glass.

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