True Acceptance with Alice in Chains at the Museum of Pop Culture

The feeling of being out of place never abates.

We discover that humans use exclusion as a form of power and survival early on in life, but there’s always the ever-present hope that with taxes, impotence and hair loss we’ll no longer have the need for social cliques. But, unfortunately, that’s not so. You’ll be a mature adult, with a modicum of authority, the ability to buy your own cereal and weed, but you’ll still not be invited to be with the cool kids, and you’ll still face the wrath of people who, apropos of nothing, take issue with your existence.

Life is an endless assault of exclusionary events that slowly pare down your self esteem until you’re nothing but a husk with a mortgage and a strong desire to kill yourself without the talent or proactivity to pull it off.

But it’s not all loneliness and misery. There is reason for hope. You can, if you try, cure yourself of your isolation and the aggressive infantile need to define yourself along the lines of what certain groups deem to be acceptable. Change what makes you happy. Find joy in the little things. Like yachts. Fleets of luxury cars are also good, as are streams of increasingly younger PAs, massive tax fraud, third mansions and mountains of cocaine. Because what really makes you belong, no matter who or what you are, is being rich. Something about to be perfectly expressed by the Museum of Pop Culture.

Yes, Alice in Chains will be honoured by the Museum of Pop Culture. The livestreamed event will feature tribute performances by Metallica, Billy Corgan, Duff McKagan, and many more. Eddie Vedder, Tom Morello, Robert Downey Jr. and others are also set for special appearances.

A string of people with no more innate relevance to each other than a random selection of high school kids. But they all have the ability to buy and sell anyone’s arse and that’s a bond that cannot be violated by any difference in race, sexual orientation, aesthetic attractiveness or court order.

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