Tropfest – Come With Us And Be Relatively Unchallenged

The attraction of big names and no-names alike. They probably have names but who gives a shit? Tropfest is the epicentre of Australian talent and the lack thereof, both of which have somewhat equal time. Both, this year, had the promise of a Holden Equinox LTZ, $10, 000 in cash and a trip to Los Angeles (that mecca of hope) for a week of meetings with industry professionals. One of them has earned it through genuine talent. Enter Tropfest. The world’s largest short film festival. This was the 26th anniversary of Tropfest and the theme for the older kids was ‘Rose’. The theme for the younger kids was ‘Rainbow’. Tropfest is an interesting event, somewhat in the middle of new talent and talent you’ve had to regrettably bin because it has that weird greenish tinge to it. But, sitting in the field, you do feel as though you’re expecting to experience the greatest new talents of Australian filmmaking. There is an excellent artistic energy that abounds in this field. A hope for the acknowledgement of artistry. That hope is soon annihilated. There are no new realisations in the winner. It is a simple thing. To clarify, that is never bad. Simplicity in filmmaking is always the hallmark of brilliance. A young lady, insecure, has found confidence in the notion of the value of rampant joyousness. There is an honesty of emotion. It has been done better. But this is Tropfest. Take the car and shut the hell up.

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