Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 31/03/2019

Think back to your heritage, Brisbane. Then drink until it’s no longer depressing.


10) Australian Heritage Festival 

3rd April

What: Celebrate the launch of the 2019 Australian Heritage Festival in Queensland. Celebrate with drinks and canapés overlooking the Brisbane River and the city skyline, followed by a keynote presentation on the Vitality of Heritage by internationally renowned speaker Professor John Schofield to officially launch the 2019 Festival!

Why: Ahh, heritage. Thought you escape it after primary school or after your unsubtly racist grandparents’ finally went to hell? Sorry. It’s turned into some kind of horrifying city-wide hysteria…with free drinks!


9) Queensland’s Natural Wonders Photography Awards Night

6th April

What: The Queensland Conservation Council is hosting this special photography awards night, showcasing Queensland’s stunning natural wonders and talented nature photographers. Ticket price includes a welcome drink and finger food, with a cash bar available on the night. A fun-filled evening mingling with nature lovers, nature photographers, and other special guests at this spectacular Awards Night celebrating Queensland’s natural wonders.

Why: Photography, conservation, nature and a cash bar? Boy. They’re really making this a hard sell.’s-Natural-Wonders-Photography-Awards-Night/31d8a5a0-5358-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) RAD 80’s Rewind

6th April

What: Ever wanted to fashion a mohawk? Crimp your hair? Wear them tight leathers bought on auction from Sid Vicious’ closet? Fear not; vanity is of the essence! Guest DJs BRCKS, Lishi-Lou, Vzion, Captain Fezza and GOBZ will be spinning tunes from their vaults: 80s rock, pop, electro, hip hop and everything in between!

Why: If you really did somehow come into possession of Sid Vicious’ ‘tight leathers’, we suggest you leave them at home. The amount of DNA and other substances covering those will probably result in a military-enforced lock-down quarantine as soon as you enter the bar.’s-Rewind/e11a85b0-5358-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Samford Harvest

6th April

What: Guests are invited to share a table and enjoy a meal at the Samford Farmers’ Hall. The menu is thoughtfully created and prepared by chef & Samford local Alastair McLeod utilising hand sourced, seasonal ingredients. Throughout the evening, the farmers and growers whose produce features in the dinner will speak about their craft, giving guests a greater insight into the ingredients.

Why: Remember Alistair McLeod from Ready Steady Cook? Turns out he’s not dead. But he is waxing lyrical on the benefits of organic produce. We’re not sure there’s an upside.


6) Sono Japanese Whisky Immersion

3rd April

What: Experience a complete immersion in the art and substance of Japanese Whisky paired with a delicate degustation of Japanese food.

Why: By complete immersion we assume they mean complete immersion. Otherwise we will be asking for a refund. Okay. We might have a little bit of a…dependency problem.

5) Wine Meats Cheese 

6th April

What: Hosted by Tuesday Foods founder India Bell and Brisbane’s favourite wine suppliers Bacchus Wine Merchant, Naked Brunch, Mezzanine and Deja Vu… Think sardines and txakoli, anchovies and sherry, salume and cheese.

Why: Just don’t think about what it’s going to look like tomorrow morning. It’ll…spoil the fun.


4) A Night with Nikka Whisky

4th April

What: Tai Tai in the heart of South Bank is hosting its first spirit dinner. Enjoy A Night with Nikka, where you’ll enjoy gorgeous Cantonese flavours and explore a range of spirits from Nikka Distillery. Throughout the evening, you will be served four separate Nikka Whiskies and a Nikka gin palate cleanser. The event will be the perfect way to further your knowledge about premium spirits while enjoying the diversity in Tai Tai’s menu.

Why: Whisky? Followed by Gin? Well, this is one of the most wonderful reasons we’ve ever heard to attempt to appear informed about a culture we know very little about.


3) Festival of Film, Music and Dance 

6th April

What: Music enthusiasts will be enlightened by the extraordinary Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra who will take place on the beachfront stage and perform famous music scenes from some of the world’s most popular films, and from 7pm, the iconic Surfers Paradise beachfront will be transformed into a breathtaking open-air cinema where families are invited to bring along their picnic blankets and chairs for the screening of 14 alluring short film masterpieces for SIPFest.

Why: Yeah, sorry. This is a family-friendly event. So if you’re looking for a proper Grindhouse affair…we don’t know…maybe move to a different city?


2) BOYZONE – The Farewell Tour

6th April

What:  After a quarter of a century together, the iconic Boyzone recently announced it’s time to say goodnight as they prepare for their farewell tour. In conjunction with the tour, the group have just released their final album Thank You & Goodnight, which includes collaborations with some very special guest songwriters in the shape of Ed Sheeran (Because) and Gary Barlow (Love).

Why: Remember Boyzone? God, we hope not. Because if you do, we’re really not connecting with our target audience.


1) The Drop Festival

6th April

What: Following the surf and celebrating music, community culture and a love of the ocean, The Drop Festival is back for its second year. Featuring Angus & Julia Stone, Client Liaison, Hockey Dad, The Jungle Giants, Alex The Astronaut and Ball Park Music.

Why: Better get used to loving the ocean now. Thanks to unfettered global warming it’s going to be up to your neck in about ten years time.

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