Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 30/12/2018

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Well, thankfully Christmas is over. So you don’t have to lie to yourself and answer ‘no’.


10) Techne: Hyper, Virtual and Imagined Worlds

4th January

What: Techne seeks to explore intersections of technology, art and imagination. Through audience immersion, Techne will question our interpretation of reality and propose ways of constructing new worlds. Using technology as content and medium, the artists presenting in this showcase have created works that allow the visualisation and embodiment of virtual and imagined realms, referencing entertainment, art, wrestling, video games and fictional literature.

What: Or just skip the exhausting time-consuming boredom of contemporary art and watch any 5 minute youtube video of a popular comedian. Entertainment, video game advertisement, entertainment, wrestling advertisement, entertainment, movie based on fictional life of 18th century nobleman advertisement, entertainment, done. Contemporary society in a nutshell.


9) Gong Sound Meditation

3rd January

What: Join world renowned Gong Master and Sound Practitioner Leith James for this unforgettable Gong Sound Meditation for an evening of relaxation and transformation. The Power of the Gongs helps you to drop into meditation state easily and effortlessly which also enables you to calm the mind. A Gong Sound Immersion is deeply powerful experience, for some, it can be life-changing.

Why: It should be life-changing. If you find this appealing, reconsider your bloody life-choices.


8) Illuminous New Year Kundalini Dance Immersion

31st December

What: Luminous! A beautiful evening of ritual, dance and cacao. We gather to welcome the New Year in with clarity, intention and love in sacred space together. It’s going to be a powerful transcendental journey through the chakras, our seven temples.

Why: Basically a bunch of very white, likely very gassy, people in a room slowly convulsing, chanting and entirely sober. You might as well save the 65 bucks, and visit your racist geriatric grandma in her old folks home for twenty minutes on the 31st. It’s pretty much the same bullshit. Then go and get tanked like a normal person.


7) GRID_10 Launch Party

29th & 30th December

What: A collective created to showcase the best in underground dirty techno & electro. They invite you to their mini launch party, hosted at Frequencies TV in the Gabba.

Why: Yes. Because if there’s one thing that’s indicative of a creative collection filling an artistically experimental and complex gap in the market is another bloody techno club.


6) New Years Eve Carnaval at Riverlife

31st December

What: With 5 different areas to sit, you will be able to choose from sitting and chatting with your friends & family to busting moves on the dance floor at this Carnaval themed celebration! Brazilian Themed Carnaval Entertainment with Brazilian Dancers and much more to keep you entertained all night long until the glorious fireworks!

Why: Salute the fact that you’ve gone yet another year wherein the only things you actually know about Brazil are soccer, coffee beans and street crime.


5) Neon Fantasy ft Paulini

31st December

What: Fluffy will be celebrating New Years Eve with the ultimate Neon Fantasy themed party with special guest Paulini. Dress up in your favourite NEON inspired couture!

Why: Yeah. You heard right. Paulini. Well, that’s one way to raise a glass to the long long long since past (and possibly deceased).


4) Blackbird New Year’s Eve

31st December

What: An opulent Gold-label New Years experience. Indulge in an unlimited offering of free flowing Moët & Chandon, cocktails, spirits, beer and wine, delicious canapés and food stations headed by Executive Chef Jake Nicolson and slick entertainment across three feature areas with musicians, DJ’s and roving acts.

Why: A perfect exemplification of the moral funhouse slide that’s pretty much shot humanity right past hell and the mole people and into a new realm of malicious gluttony. Cheers!’s-Eve/3e39dc40-0bbb-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Byblos presents New Years Eve Under the Stars

31st December

What: Welcome the new year at one of the most desirable riverside spots! Raise a glass under the starry sky and cheers to the year that’s been & to the year to come in a night of delicious food, free flowing beverages, live music and entertainment.

Why: Just don’t look too closely at the sky. You might start to see the soft wisps of noxious gas that have become increasingly prevalent over ‘the year that’s been’.


2) New Years Eve at Eleven Rooftop Bar

31st December

What: It’s hard to beat a rooftop bar for an unforgettable party, and New Year’s Eve at Fortitude Valley’s Eleven will be no exception! Unleash your inner animal at Eleven’s ‘Into the Wild’ NYE party. Enjoy an evening of frivolity while you marvel at roving entertainment supported by live DJs spinning tunes until the early hours of the morning.

Why: Hard to beat? Perhaps. Unforgettable? We beg to differ. It’s New Years. You’re at a bar. Good fucking luck.


1) FOMO Brisbane 

5th January

What: The epic one-day, one-stage music festival returns to Brisbane Riverstage featuring Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, Mura Masa, Kali Uchis, San Holo, Anna Lunoe, Sophie, Cosha, Carmouflage Rose, Just a Gent and Mimi.

Why: We’ve been reliably in formed that this is a big thing. To which we took offence. We know that this festival of the loud and mediocre is a big thing. In the same way a hair salon being set on fire after grooming a convention of craft beer enthusiasts would be a big thing.

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