Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 30/06/2019

It’s time to face reality. The lizard wizard is here.


10) Opera Under The Stars: Broadway and Popera to Pavarotti

6th July

What: Daniel Mallari, Bearnadette Fisher, Lucy McIntosh & Patrick Oxley perform in a spectacular journey of music in a show that is sure to awaken the senses and touch the soul. The event will be held out on the golf course greens surrounded by nature and under the stars so be sure to rug up in your best winter coats and scarves!

Why: Not the most boring thing to ever occur on a golf course. That’s quite the achievement for the Opera genre.


9) Sensory Experience at Pethers Rainforest Retreat

6th July

What: Indulge your senses in a five course degustation using locally sourced produce at Pethers Rainforest Retreat. Savour the beautiful flavours of the Scenic Rim and enjoy a unique dining experience you won’t forget.

Why: Experience the true wonders of nature in the best way possible: Slightly removed from it whilst gorging on champagne and gourmet food.


8) Gin Discovery

6th July

What: Whether you’re an experienced juniper junkie or new to the world of gin, sit down with Dutch Courage & enhance your appreciation of this amazing spirit.

Why: Nothing so effectively evokes the image of ‘enhanced appreciation’ as downing a substance that smells like an industrial paint thinner.


7) Sugar Republic

30th June

What: Relive your childhood at the Sugar Republic! A huge ball-pit, a swing in a fairy-floss room, a giant jump-outable birthday cake, a mini cinema of the sweetest films, a sherbet rainbow bridge and a wall of sprinkles!

Why: Is there anything more viscerally discomforting than seeing a fully grown adult immersed in a candy-coated world for toddlers? Yes. Seeing them convulse in diabetic shock in a multi-coloured ball pit.


6) Baynk: Asia Pacific Tour

5th July

What: Baynk’s latest single “Water”, out now via AllPoints, features pristine electronic production cloaked in intricate layers of horns and percussion highlighting BAYNK’s aptitude for crafting electrifying and innovative sounds. Experience it live.

Why: We’ve never truly understood the appeal of seeing an electro producer live when one could so easily play several pre-programmed Garageband instrumental samples at once on ones computer and then pour liquid all over the keyboard.


5) Secret Party Project – Launch Party!

6th July

What: Shhh…this is a secret party with none other than Sam Rubino (Prohibition, Disco Fiasco Records) and Batchelo! On support are Secret Party Project curators Scrix and N/Fusion. Boiler-room style access to South East Queensland’s finest house music DJ’s!

Why: “South East Queensland’s finest house music”. It’s fascinating how something can sound so niche and so generic.!/92dcdcf0-9632-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Japanese Whiskey Masterclass

4th July

What: Calling all Japanese whisky lovers! Together with Rowan Prangley of True North Spirits, try three fantastic blended whiskies and connect with fellow whisky lovers in the gorgeous setting of Xennox Diamonds. Paired with divine cheeses.

Why: An evening of whisky and cheese surrounded by a sea of what you’ll soon feel are exiting your colon.


3) Dragfest: The Realness Tour! 

30th July

What: If you think you’ve already seen the best drag show of your life, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Hosted by your fave Brisbane bombshell, Vollie La Vont, they’re bringing you 8 of the best queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Why: The brilliance of Australia’s drag scene is endless. Though if you’re looking for an end to something, bring along your bigoted grandma with the heart condition and tell her to put on her Sunday best for a good old fashioned night on the town. It’ll save the coroner having to request her funeral attire.!-Brisbane/589dd590-9154-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard ‘Fishing For Fishies’ Tour

3rd & 4th July

What: Seven-headed Aussie psych-rock beast King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are releasing their 14 studio album with Fishing For Fishies and it is perhaps their most perfectly-realised album to date! To support the release the band collides with Australian tarmac for their first dedicated headline tour!

Why: From fishing for fishies to…infesting the rats nest. It’s like a playschool episode on animals for children with psychopathy.


1) MELT: Festival of Queer Arts And Culture

1st-7th July

What:  A 10-day festival designed to celebrate LGBTIQ+ arts and culture and promote visibility and inclusivity among the LGBTIQ+ community with close to 35 productions, exhibitions and events.

Why: There’s a bigoted homophobe currently at the helm, Australia. You know what that means. It’s your job to party harder than you ever have before.

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