Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 29/07/2018

Consider this a warning, Brisbane. This week is so crammed with festivities you won’t even know how in the hell you ended up at that damn Celine Dion concert.


10) Japanese Film Festival Fringe

30th July

Missed out on the Festival? Fret not. Cause they’re bringing back up the vilest, most lyrically wondrous, gnarliest bits from the official festival and spitting it right out in front of you.


9) NAIDOC Music Culture Art Festival

2nd August

It’s about time you cultured up that weekly whitey calendar. In a celebration of this year’s theme ‘because of her, we can’, UQ will be hosting a brilliant festival of indigenous artists, dancers, arts, crafts and food trucks.


8) Winter Kite Flying Festival

29th July

A time for merriment, a time for innocence, a time which is long since dead. But we can simulate the hell out of it. A celebration of the whimsical Indian kite flying festival with all the delicious gut-busting traditional Gujarati food you can cram down yourself to compensate for all that fresh air and quad-pumping kite string manipulation.


7) HER Brisbane Winter Party

3rd August

It’s a birthday! Time to play. Celebrating 1 year of an incredible app and queer space, HER is lighting up Laruche with a night of drinks, dance and damn fine dames.


6) Brisbane Feminist Festival

4th August

Get empowered, dammit. With the world slowly sliding back into the greasiest sickest bits of misogynistic yore, it’s time to grab the reigns and whip the crap out of the sleigh dogs of feminist war with this annual one-day event. Get educated, up skill and say up yours to sexist oppression.


5) Australian Festival of Chamber Music 

27th July-5th August

Ahhh…the soundtrack to your life. Well. The one you advertise on tinder, anyway. Class all the way. Yes, the festival of chamber music is slicking its way onto the Brisbane stage for ten days of elegance, elevation and ecclesiastical recall. Without the more…troubling implications.


4) Celine Dion

30th-31st July

50 million albums, 30 years, 5 grammys, 2 academy awards, 7 music awards. She just…won’t…die. Come experience the zombified zircon (she’s gotta be at least 70% made up of it by now) live in all her sparkling glory.


3) Bakery Lane Craft Coffee Festival

4th August

Expert brews, coffee creme crepes, tiramisu, espresso cupcakes, chocolate spoons, expert beans and roasted baristas. Sorry…that’s roasted beans and expert baristas. We’ve been…hitting the bottle a little hard this week. Oh, don’t be so judgemental. We can smell your breath from here. The Listerine did not help. But it is good timing. Come on! Let’s cure our hangover together at the inaugural Bakery Lane Coffee Coffee Craft Festival!


2) New Orleans Bourbon Festival

29th-29th July

There’s some sweetness going around. Catch it down in New Orleans. By it we mean liver disease. That’s right, folks. The New Orleans Bourbon Festival is tipping itself down Brisbane’s streets. Everything from the food to the big bands to whatever the other thing is will be sinking down in drunken deference to this most glorious of golden brown liquors.


1) Bay City Rollers feat. Les McKeown Tour 

29th July

Tartan may be dead, but these former teen sensations aren’t. Well, mostly. Rest in peace, Alan Longmuir. Raise your glass; raise your kilt to the skyrocket man.

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