Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 28/07/2019

Have you heard of the legend of the Chamber of Secrets? It’s full of affected pseudo-intellectuals arguing about Mahler.


10) Conversation: Realities of War

30th July

What: Ben Quilty’s portraits of Australian war veterans are imbued with their complex experiences of war and its aftermath. What is the reality of war, both on the battlefield and upon returning home? Ed Ayres (ABC Radio National) is joined in conversation by Mick Bainbridge, to discuss his experience sitting for Ben, his time deployed and advocacy work for the rights of veterans.

Why: Your shot of moral ambiguity for the week. You can safely say you’ve considered the complexities of being for or against current warfare and the implications of either stance for war veterans, then run to the nearest bar and drink until that tense, neurotic voice in your head becomes slurred and starts encouraging you to do the Safety Dance.


9) Genius by Tengdahl

3rd August

What: An exclusive preview of Julie Tengdahl’s new fashion collection, Genius. Discover Julie’s creative interpretation of the mastery of the heart through textiles and silhouettes. Experience the powerful partnership of community, art and energy in the heart of Brisbane.

Why: ‘Mastery of the heart’ is one of the more romantic ways to describe mass consumerism as dictated by corporate marketisation of freedom of expression.


8) Gin Therapy

28th July

What: Select 4 gins from the special Gin Therapy menu and receive ice & Fever Tree tonic to make your own mini G&Ts! To help you navigate your selection, tasting notes will be provided so you’ll be an expert in no time! On top of that, indulge in a cheese board featuring your choice of two of pave d’affinois double cream, Quickes cloth cheddar and Berrys Creek Tarwin blue plus lavosh, quince, dried fruit & grapes.

Why: Double cream cheese and four different kinds of gin. It’s an interesting reversal. Therapy before the life-threatening medical condition.


7) Chocolate Strings Live with Hayley Grace & The Bay Collective and Crash Cats

3rd August

What: Chocolate Strings are known to pump out some of the most delectable blends of harmonised grooves. Experience their soul-reggae goodness coated with one fine batter of tasty dubby flavours live alongside Hayley Grace & The Bay Collective and Crash Cats.

Why: You just know a band is good when their oeuvre is described via a veritable feast of idiomatic food terminology. Like when Nirvana’s work was described as a tea cake full of heroin.


6) All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard: Taste and Talk

1st August

What: All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard will be showcasing their latest vintage releases and award winning wines at Ovolo Inchcolm. Owners Nick, Angela and Eliza Brown will be your hosts for the evening talking about the current vintages and winery stories and showcasing the best produce in a cocktail (stand up) theme with Rutherglen wines.

Why: Finally. A host of saints in which we can put our faith. Not that we have to. Wine requires no faith. It’s real and far less of an immoral investment than religion.


5) sqhub Showcase

30th July

What: Screen Queensland and the sqhub invites you for a showcase of sqhub residents and their exciting projects. Enjoy a glass of sparkling on arrival with canapes as you network with industry leaders and innovating teams from across the screen industry, play games and watch showreels from Screen Queensland’s incredible residents.

Why: Marvel is in-between phases. Come. Experience something without a bloody sky beam. And we can guarantee it’ll be worth the price of the ticket. It’s free.


4) Gin Masterclass by Manly Spirits

31st July

What: This exploration of gin will kick off with a special large serve G&T on arrival, followed by the first round of Chef’s bespoke 5-piece canapés, right before you’re taken on a 90-min journey throughout the word of gin, and some of Manly Spirits other amazing sea inspired products.

Why: We can only hope the ‘sea inspired products’ include raw Clownfish. Google it. Chewing Nemo will get you f***** up.


3) Stonefield ‘Bent’ World Tour 

3rd August

What: Psych-rock luminaries Stonefield are hitting the road in Australia. The first single Sleep opens the album with guitars covered in five inches of sludge and distortion and something that sounds like a far-off siren, or the high-pitched howling of the wind. It serves as a warning, a call to arms, kicking things off with a next-level version of the massive, unholy racket the band has become known for over the course of their last three albums.

Why: It’s rare for a young contemporary band to describe themselves with such honesty. But then, ingesting copious quantities of psychedelics can allow one to reach new realms of personal revelation without the trappings of ego.‘Bent’-World-Tour-(Brisbane)/ecc1e580-adca-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Sugar Republic

28th July

What: Relive your childhood at the Sugar Republic! A huge ball-pit, a swing in a fairy-floss room, a giant jump-outable birthday cake, a mini cinema of the sweetest films, a sherbet rainbow bridge and a wall of sprinkles!

Why: Is there anything more viscerally discomforting than seeing a fully grown adult immersed in a candy-coated world for toddlers? Yes. Seeing them convulse in diabetic shock in a multi-coloured ball pit.


1) Australian Festival of Chamber Music

28th July-4th August

What: The Australian Festival of Chamber Music is a friendly, unique and internationally acclaimed event presenting a 10 day program of over 30 concerts and special events. Experience the world’s finest chamber musicians performing in various combinations exclusively in the tropical winter warmth of Townsville, North Queensland.

Why: Polish your monocle, invite your most intellectually intimidating friends and practice all the bastardised French terms indicative of disdain you can find, for this is your moment to rack up as many culture points as you can to balance out that phase in your life when you genuinely considered ‘Adventure Time’ high art.

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