Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 27/01/2019

It’s the year of the pig, Brisbane! In celebration, we’re serving you its rum-soaked liver on toast.


10) Memorial Raceday 2

2nd February

What: A winning day at the races! The prestigious Skyline Restaurant is where you can enjoy first class dining with breathtaking views of the racecourse and the Gold Coast skyline. With tables presented on tiered levels, all guests will be perfectly positioned to enjoy the races!

Why: Well, just make sure you do position your butt just right so the bookie’s able to remove your wallet without you feeling it. You don’t want to spoil your good time with such vulgarity.


9) Story Party True Dating Stories 

27th January

What: At the award-winning Story Party you will hear true dating stories that will make you feel better because it could be worse. You’ll hear stories about ghosting, unwanted pictures, splitting the bill, cat-fishing, heart-break, and “I can’t believe these are true stories” from professional storytellers.

Why: It’s like accidentally running in to your depressing neighbour…but…you know it costs money.


8) Taste of Art Exhibition Opening

1st February

What: This highly anticipated event highlights the rich and diverse creative talent on the Sunshine Coast, supporting and promoting local artists and providing an opportunity for their work to be exhibited in the Noosa Regional Gallery.

Why: Your intellectual tonic for the week, Brisbane. Just make sure you strap the flask of the real taste of art to your person securely.


7) Grown Seven Course Degustation

29th January

What: An amazing seven course plant-based degustation, that focuses on showcasing beautiful seasonal produce.

Why: Before you ask, no. This isn’t the kind of plant-based degustation that ends with you appreciating the Dave Matthews band.


6) Autumn Launch Party

1st February

What: Come along for an evening of fashion, food & fun. Champagne on arrival, nibbles, a selection of beer/wine for the evening & a runway show which will include the very first look into Jericho’s Autumn collection for 2019.

Why: It’s that time of year again, folks. No, not Autumn. That time of year wherein we have to pretend that certain fabrics dictate human worth. You know. Every day of the year.


5) Tea and Chocolate

2nd February

What: Join Chocolate Specialist, Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick, and Tea Specialist, Kym Cooper on a journey to origin through 5 decadent tea & chocolate pairings. Be given insights into the crop to table journey and explore the way that micro-climates impact the aroma and flavour of these products.

Why: Who would have thought chocolate and tea would pair so well together? The same people that make kale ice-cream. Morons.


4) Year of the Pig Chinese New Year Dinner

1st February

What: Enjoy a feast of delicious oriental dishes and celebrate traditional Chinese culture with baskets of fortune cookies and extravagant lion dancing. Dress in bold & festive red as we celebrate this vibrant festival of Asian culture at Michael’s Oriental Restaurant!

Why: It’s the only way you’ll digest another culture. Literally. Your brain is far too busy enjoying the floaty ignorance it takes to be able to survive this contemporary era of cultural, racial, sexual and economic paranoia.


3) Italian Long Lunch

1st February

What: Let chef Brad Jolly take you on a culinary 3 course journey while Darren delves into the cellar to showcase 7 exciting wine styles. Relax and enjoy the first long lunch of 2019, and maybe learn a few tips when next shopping for Italian vino!

Why: It is pretty presumptuous of them. We all know the first long lunch of 2019 happened on New Years Day. The only way to get rid of that kind of hangover is ordering the entire menu of the worst and closest restaurant and mainlining it like a heroin addict that made a resolution that was far too optimistic.


2) Festival of Fire

2nd February

What: This is going to be one crazy, explosive, family spectacular featuring various Fireworks Demonstrations. Plus, Monster Truck legend “Outback Thunda” in USA Style Freestyle monster truck craziness, the hilarious “Dipsy and Tipsy” comedy car-roll-over act, “Hellraisers” steel wall death defying car stunt, plus more.

Why: …so much danger…so much easy to lose your whiny little incontinent life-sapping obligations in the chaos.


1) GLAMWATCH Beach Party

27th January

What: Fluffy invites you to the first instalment of GLAM for 2019 as they celebrate the Australia Day Long Weekend with their first ever BAYWATCH theme party!

Why: Remember Baywatch? Of course you don’t. Anyone that does is currently far too frail and, more importantly, far too bigoted to attend a beach party hosted by a gay club.

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