Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 25/11/2018

Peel yourself off your couch. It’s time to spill some ink on someone else’s.


10) SEQFBC Fire Science Forum 

26th November

What: The SEQFBC Fire Science Forum (the Forum) is squarely aimed at connecting fire scientists, ecologists and students with onground fire operators, land managers & other fire professionals. With a focus on local research and collaborative fire programs.

Why: Yes, folks, this is an environmental thing. It’s also a moral thing. Remember that time you threw your empty whisky bottle into the ocean in an attempt to seem to wistfully appreciate the image and feel like you had depth? Well, you probably gave a fish a concussion. Now it’s time you make up for it.


9) Elevation Architecture Spring Fling

29th November

What: A night of drinks, seasonal canapés and light entertainment as Elevation Architecture celebrates the launch of their new look brand.

Why: Expect to drink. Drink a lot. We’ve been around architects before and the conversation generally peaks at the structural integrity of Bousillage in poteaux-en-terre construction in French Colonial architecture.


8) Cheerleading Nationals Afterparty

26th November

What: “It is time to put down the pom poms and put on your dancing shoes. We may not know how to cheer but we sure know how to party. Join us for a night filled with good musics and groovy dance moves”.

Why: We’ll be honest, we didn’t know cheerleaders really existed outside of terrible late-90s early-2000s American romantic comedies. But, apparently this is a thing. We guess it’s good news they and their fans (they won’t all be cheerleaders, you, reader, are welcome too) will all be safely entombed in a mausoleum of cheer, so we don’t have to listen to their horrifyingly upbeat bullshit.


7) Boozy Brunch

25th November

What: Rogue Bistro is popping up for another boozy brunch for one day only at The Refinery! Expect bottomless gourmet fare and, of course, bottomless booze.

Why: We suppose you could nix all the ridiculously boring Sex-And-The-City-esque social conventions expected of you by the kinds of people who attend brunches and just stay home alone and get pissed.


6) A Gritty Pretty Colour Experience With CHANEL

30th November

What: This exclusive and experiential beauty event will include interactive moments for you to try CHANEL makeup and fragrance. Discover luxury cosmetics and how to wear them whilst enjoying French champagne, Australian wine and delicious treats.

Why: Because if there’s any way to remove the moral ambiguity of wildly unfettered and unnecessarily decadent consumerism in an economy currently crushing the weak and vulnerable, it’s looking good doing it.



1st December

What: Hidden Valley is back for it’s final instalment of the year! The deep house, electro and disco DJ night and interactive light show of a lifetime!

Why: With that many exclamation points, you know it’s going to be good. I mean, we don’t really know that. We tend to think of any event wherein all the descriptive sentences end in exclamation points as something that is, at best, non-consensual, abrasive and terrifying.


4) Ink on the Couch – The Underground

30th November

What: Make sure you’re ready to kick it when upcoming Brisbane DJ artists Spitz and Muller Made take over the underground with a show that will have you jumping.

Why: Kicking, jumping…yelling…screaming for the warden to let you out of the insane asylum of assaultive synths and drunken youths. What’s not to love?


3) El Camino Cantina Bowen Hills Launch Party

30th November

What: It’s the exclusive Grande Opening of El Camino Cantina. Expect 2 hours of margaritas, beer, wine, bubbles, a chips & salsa station and Tex-Mex, free sombreros (as always!), a Mariachi Band, a DJ till late, a photo booth and a Chilli Competition!

Why: An opening night so visceral, so uncompromisingly loud and colourful, you might, for a second, forget about the sometimes harrowing, complex and troubling experience to which the culture you’re appropriating in the form of getting shit-faced in a giant hat is currently subject.


2) The Stand: Grand Opening

1st December

What: The Stand is Brisbane’s newest dessert and cocktail bar and they’re kicking it off with a bang! The lavish pastel themed party will feature live music, cocktails, canapés, desserts and more! Flaunt your pastel wares and let the champagne flow.

Why: A place to kill your liver, screw your pancreas, sky-rocket your blood pressure and get morbidly obese? It’s like heaven on earth. If only it wasn’t in effing pastel.


1) Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival 

29th November-1st December

What: A boutique music and arts festival experience held in the picturesque Mary Valley region. Every act is handpicked for their ability to excite lovers of music and art, not because of where they sit on the charts. Gather for the annual pilgrimage, to step outside of the digital world that consumes you and be a part of a wholesome, inclusive gathering in a secret venue.

Why: Taking a shit in the bushes whilst listening to the bland predictable chorus of a thousand goddamn tiny ukeleles has never been phrased so lovingly.

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