Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 24/11/2019

There’s never a dull moment this week. There might be a couple of homicidal ones.


10) James Zabiela (Live)

24th November

What: If ever there was a timeless DJ talent in electronic music, it’s James Zabiela. He’s one of the industry’s most colourful, varied and vibrant artists, constantly pushing technology to its limits, while his passion, preparation and dedication ensures no detail is left unchecked. He mixes records from right across the electronic gamut, his sets arcing between the cerebral and the fun. His fanbase spans genres and generations.

Why: Well, two generations is technically a plural.


9) Eden & Nubreed pres. The Battle Royale

30th November

What: For the first time ever, Nubreed events and Eden combine to bring you Battle Royale! 3 of the best QLD acts to bring you an epic day party filled with Deep, Progressive & Trance.

Why: Two things coming together for the first time to create something the world has too many of already. It’s the circle of life but with an aggressive balding guy at the front of the room on a raised platform screaming the word ‘TURNT’ at you.


8) Wolves in the Throne Room (Live)

29th November

What: The Black Metal of Wolves in the Throne Room is the sound of roaring Heathen fires on Beltane and cold rivers rushing down from the mountains. They are considered one of the most potent and highly regarded bands in heavy metal today. Thrice Woven, their latest release received high praise from the press and the band received the 2018 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Best Underground Band. Since the release of THRICE WOVEN the band has toured relentlessly as a headlining act, and as support for Behemoth and At the Gates across the USA and Europe. Now prepare for the return of Wolves in the Throne Room to Australia and New Zealand for the first time in 10 years!

Why: It’s not to our taste, but, you know, some people like the smell of gasoline, some like sticking their whole heads into industrial wood-chippers. It takes all kinds to make a world. And this world is…just…great.


7) Booze and Buttercream

29th November

What: Presented by Cakes & Sh!t, welcome to Booze and Buttercream, where you can learn how to create one of Laruche’s signature cocktails, and then delight in your boozy creation while learning how to decorate a Cakes and Sh!t classic cupcake. A Laruche mixologist will show you how to create a sumptuous cocktail, and then it’s your turn! All with step by step guidance from your laruche expert. While you’re enjoying the spoils of your labour, a Cakes and Sh!t baker will demonstrate how to pipe the perfect buttercream cupcake. So get your friends together and come for a very boozy, creamy and fun workshop. You never know, you might learn something new…or get tipsy!

Why: Your body works hard to keep your wonderful self alive. Let your liver and pancreas finally have a long, well-earned sleep. Hell, they might never wake up.


6) bloodpaths

29th November

What: A rumination on the notion of Australian identity, bloodpaths is a new collaborative project featuring contemporary music and contemporary dance. Curated by pianist / composer Alex Raineri in collaboration with Indigenous dancer / choreographer Katina Olsen, this major new cycle includes the commissioning of twenty-five of Australia’s most vibrant and aesthetically diverse composers. A collection of stories musing on belonging and the resonant meaning of ‘home’, the creative aim of this ambitious project is to celebrate the multiculturalism that pervades the Australian arts scene. It seeks to pose an abstract answer to the unanswerable question of what it sounds like, what it looks like, and what it means to be Australian in contemporary society.

Why: Well, you don’t really need to go to this to glean what it means to be Australian in contemporary society. Being Australian in contemporary society means attending things like this and managing to stay awake for the purposes of a mildly impressive anecdote to afford you the appearance of superiority over your friends and loved ones.


5) Jade Imagine (Live)

30th November

What: Melbourne’s jade imagine released their highly anticipated debut LP Basic Love on Milk! Records / Remote Control in August. A powerful exploration of the simple vs. the abstract, Basic Love is an existential ride that shimmers through its playful pop-tones and stripped back nature. Emotionally dictated by the wit and noir of Jade McInally and propelled by a band that seamlessly fuses together elements of synthwave and art-rock, this album is an impressive culmination of Jade Imagine’s signature style of bleak pop and contemplative new-wave. Experience them live.

Why: Haven’t heard of them? Think of the sound of any bleak but accessible nineties band. Yeah. You already know the lyrics.


4) A Camouflage Opera

29th November

What: The German notion of Gesamtkunstwerk — a synthesis of disparate art forms brought together in harmonious collusion to express a unified vision — is central to this new groundbreaking musical-theatre work . Based on Kurtág’s only work for unaccompanied voice generates multiple trajectories and continuities across a diverse field of fragmentary utterances and literary and musical associations. Staged by Stephen Danzig and described as the ‘3D opera’ because of its unprecedented fusion of a live opera singer with film performances, soundscapes and multi-layered live video mapping. This performance creates a 3D theatre experience to unfold the sequence of the twenty fragments and will be followed by a panel discussion with the performers and invited industry experts.

Why: A work so experimental and hipster-niche, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s good or not.


3) RVG (Live)

29th November

What: Melbourne’s indie-rock darlings RVG announce a string of Australian headline shows this November and December. Currently on tour through Europe with UK electro-punks Sleaford Mods, RVG released “Alexandra” earlier this year, the first single since their inimitable debut album A Quality of Mercy. Since releasing their first album to critical acclaim and audience adoration, RVG have made huge strides at home and internationally.

Why: They’re not yet widely known. You still have time to qualify for a moment in the future when you can both start and murder a conversation with the phrase “I knew them before…”.


2) Ian Moss: Matchbook Tour

27th November

What: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of his iconic debut, Mossy and his four-piece band will hit the road in November and December 2019 for a national six-week run which will see the globally respected songwriter and legendary guitarist performing iconic tracks from Matchbook plus more fan favourites.

Why: The least memorable thing about your older neighbour’s fifth-favourite band is back.


1) Festival X

29th November

What: Formed as a collaboration between industry leaders and teams behind some of Australia’s leading festivals, concerts and events, Hardware (Piknic Electronik, Babylon), Onelove (Stereosonic) and Live Nation (Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and Download) have partnered to launch Festival X. Whether you’re into dance, hip-hop or pop – get ready – as this is THE music festival to kickstart your summer and to celebrate with your friends.

Why: If you’re into any other genre of music, don’t worry. You don’t have friends and this festival does not apply to you.

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