Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 22/07/2018

It’s a wedding! No…it’s Christmas! No, wait, it’s fungus reflux! Ooooo…we can’t decide! Brisbane! Have it your way, baby.


10) Full Moon Night Golf

28th July

Inky black night. Full moon. The glimmer of a golf club. We accept no criminal liability.


9) Be Brave Annual Afternoon Tea

28th July

Ah, yes. Your moral vindication for the week. Thought we’d forgotten, did you? A fundraiser in support of anti-bullying foundation Be Brave Australia. And, oh yeah. There’s free food. We know how you like it.


8) Brisbane’s Annual Wedding Expo

22nd July

Who says subtlety is the key to a good relationship? Bring your significant other to this one and they’ll get the damn picture. …Though just for extra insurance you might just want to make sure you know their iPhone password. Find my phone is a rather useful tracking device…we’ve heard.’s-Annual-Wedding-Expo/c36a1610-8cbc-11e8-8b65-f3b5b6d8a99e


7) Makers Take

27th July

An exhibition of the newest works of furniture and home-ware designers with food and live performances. It’s not like it’ll be the first evening you’ve spent gazing longingly at perfectly crafted hunks of wood.


6) Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Art Triennial Opening

27th July

You’ve been too comfortable for too long, Brisbane. It’s time to acknowledge your utter lack of awareness when it comes to recognising the true plight of the oppressed indigenous population. And that time is only about 2 hours so, you know, on balance it’s worth it.


5) Christmas in July – QLD Screen Industry

27th July

Interested in film? Spending your days and nights dreaming of the perfectly lit shot that captures the sexually brilliant insouciance in the hooded eyes of a fatale-ian murderess? It’s a problem. And you need help. We prescribe a night surrounded by drunken cocksure screen industry professionals guaranteed to sour you to the notion of film altogether.


4) Ibis Ball

28th July

Ahh, every little kid’s dream. A ball. A night of nights. Dress like a lord; dress like a lady; drink like a sailor. Oh, come on. You are an adult. It’s not like you’ve carried everything with you from your childhood.   You don’t still pick your nose or stick crayons up your butt. Well…not on regular basis, anyway.


3) Winter Beer Dinner

24th July

Gorge yourself on sustainably sourced and locally grown fare. Liver toxicity is a fair trade for such community conscious dedication.


2) Pop-Up Truffle Experience

26th July

You know, you just can’t consider yourself truly a member of the elite until you’ve tasted the insane decadence of a $2600 per pound fungus. You can figure out how to tackle the mysteriously deceased parents and the drug habit later.


1) Noosa Long Weekend Festival

21st-29th July

A week-long immersion in the cutting edge of performance art and culture…that can technically appear as a legitimate ”long weekend’ if you phrase it just right and shoehorn it in to your boss’s calendar.

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