Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 21/10/2018

Feel the good vibes, Brisbane. For all too soon you’ll be blindly feeling your way towards a future of economic, political, environmental and technological doom.


10) JK Couture VIP Night

24th October

Thought fashion season was over, did you? This is a first world country. We’ll never be able to resist wearing increasingly confusing textures and colours in order to distract ourselves from the tears of the children who’ve made the majority of our wardrobes. Drinks, gourmet fare, live music and a bunch of people walking down a weirdly lit aisle and actively repressing the desire to both eat and stick their hands in your wallet.


9) Pop-Up: Writers Dream Big

23rd October

A pop-up for Brisbane’s young literary pioneers that feel a yearning outside of twitter for recognition of the art of words. We’re not going to say anything disparaging here. First of all, we can’t afford to fix a smashed glass panel and, besides, we just bought these decorative Swedish stones from Ikea and they weren’t cheap. But we really do appreciate those who seek to keep the written word alive. Kudos, kids. Just one thing. No one owns a typewriter and actively uses it to write things. So, if you have one, just put it under your bed along with your wooden smoking pipe where it belongs.


8) Moving Through

27th October

Nope, not an exhibition of history’s greatest laxatives. Though…that’s not a bad idea considering KFC’s double down chicken sandwich exists. Rather, this is a site-generated image and sound performance featuring animated projection, physical performers and musicians.


7) Dessert Dego by Rogue Bistro

24th October

Four pretentious dessert courses? An all-night cheeseboard? Cocktails? Why, it’s the sensory trifecta…but fancy enough to distract yourself from the fact that all you’re doing is stuffing your mouth with food. Like a cavemen. In a suit.


6) Young Gun of Wine UNCUT

27th October

More than 20 winemakers pour their wares over the course of this three hour wine tasting party.” And it’s at the Brisbane Powerhouse. You’re not a raging alcoholic. You’re a raging…intellectual.


5) Eden Halloween

27th October

You read right. Halloween in Eden. Other clubs might have their own all-out Halloween boozefests with live DJs, but we promise you this, no one gets freakier than those who have outwardly dedicated their lives to innocence.


4) Good Food & Wine Show Brisbane

26th-28th October

When else will you have such an excellent cover for your gastric tendencies? Stop stuffing your face with french fancies in the office toilet and shed your restraint. The Good Food and Wine Show is city-sanctioned glut made glamorous.


3) The Grass is Greener Mackay 

27th October

Delivering the newest and best on Australia’s music scene, this love affair to Australian music will have you saying ‘I’m glad that massive sewage leak happened a couple of kilometres down the road. This grass is actually doing alright’.


2) Bill Bailey: Earl of Whimsy

27th October

Genius, polymath, virtuoso, comedian, and the longest haired bald man will be foraging for nuts and berries on stage.


1) Island Vibe Festival

25th-28th October

Well…it is on an island off the coast of another island, so it’s not exactly a tall order. But nonetheless, 80 acts on four stages celebrating Island culture in a tribute to reggae, roots, soul, electronic music and the inability to mince words.

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