Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 21/07/2019

It’s time to class up the place. Skeggs is coming to town.


10) Friday Night Whiskey Flight

26th July

What: An exclusive whisky tasting evening to raise funds for Act for Kids. Experience a flight of four exquisite whiskeys, canapes, dessert and coffee, live music, a rooftop bar and a fire-pit.

Why: The one time you can get plastered and say ‘I’m doing it for the kids’ as opposed to ‘because of them’.


9) Salon De Co x Black & White Truffle Dinner

25th July

What: A celebration of Good Food Month in collaboration with the noble truffle. This dinner will be showcasing the truffle from an award winning organic farm, throughout the menu with each dish being entirely black or white.

Why: Nothing screams ‘noble’ like a fungus worth more than an entire class of society. We’re not being facetious. That is the essence of nobility.


8) Wine Meats Cheese

27th July

What: Wine Meats Cheese returns to Gerard’s Bar! This time you’ll be celebrating organic and biodynamic wines and their pioneering producers. An afternoon of tasting some amazing varietals grown in Australia and beyond. Hosted by Bacchus Wine Merchant, Cork and Co, Deja Vu Wine Co, Mezzanine, Naked Bunch and Red + White plus local apiarist Jack Stone of Bee One Third – Neighbourhood Honey will also be sampling his sticky delights.

Why: Somehow chronic alcoholism becomes less problematic when it’s teamed with terms like ‘organic’ and ‘bio-dynamic’.


7) Skegss 2019 Tour 

27th July

What: Australian surf music and garage rock trio, Skegss, are hitting the road once more in support of their debut ARIA #2 album ‘My Own Mess’ and its new single and video ‘Road Trip.’

Why: Pop-rock so generic you don’t have to know the lyrics to sing along. You just need a straw fedora and infinite ways to revelate that what makes you so hip is that you have no life direction.


6) Winter Beer Dinner

25th July

What: Newstead Brewing Co and Little Acre Mushrooms are excited to present their 2019 Winter Beer Dinner. They’re putting mushrooms from Little Acre in the spotlight of each dish, with four courses of delicious mushrooms paired with four winter themed beers. These are mushrooms like you’ve never experienced and will be a unique showcase of this locally grown produce.

Why: Who knew the promise of fungus and yeast could be so utterly romantic?


5) Brisbane BBQ Festival 

27th & 28th July

What: The Brisbane BBQ Festival is BACK! Brought to you by the BBQ & Beer Roadshow, there will be BBQ food, craft beers, bourbon, BBQ demos, live music, BBQ market stalls, eating competitions, kids activities, great entertainment for the whole family and of course the ABA sanctioned Brisbane BBQ Championships with BBQ teams from all over Australia competing for $17,000 in cash!

Why: The average cost of coronary bypass surgery is around $38000. So if you’re really lucky, you’ll be almost halfway there!


4) The Lanes Coffee Festival

27th July

What: The Lanes Coffee Festival is designed to be a celebration highlighting Brisbane’s specialty coffee community. All the best coffee suppliers, cafes and pop-up bars will be scattered around the lanes to make an amazing caffeine infused Saturday. Stalls will be full of unique coffee experiences, through to espresso martinis and drinks in the evening, with music and events happening throughout the day on the main stages.

Why: What goes as well with stimulant as a depressant? A complete lack of children in sight.


3) Groundwater Country Music Festival 

26th-28th July

What: Groundwater Country Music Festival is returning for its 7th year with a bumper line-up including reigning King and Queen of Australian Country Music Lee Kernaghan and Beccy Cole and the big winners at the 2019 Golden Guitars, The Wolfe Brothers, plus the cream of the crop of the Australian country music scene and international artists, the Davisson Brothers Band.

Why: One of the few music festivals featuring headliners that have not, as of yet, been accused of spousal or child abuse. But they are singing country music. So they’re not otherwise innocent.


2) Australian Festival of Chamber Music

26th July-4th August

What: The Australian Festival of Chamber Music is a friendly, unique and internationally acclaimed event presenting a 10 day program of over 30 concerts and special events. Experience the world’s finest chamber musicians performing in various combinations exclusively in the tropical winter warmth of Townsville, North Queensland.

Why: Polish your monocle, invite your most intellectually intimidating friends and practice all the bastardised French terms indicative of disdain you can find, for this is your moment to rack up as many culture points as you can to balance out that phase in your life when you genuinely considered ‘Adventure Time’ high art.


1) NOOSA alive!

21st-18th July

What: The NOOSA alive! Festival is a 10-day arts and cultural festival which offers a huge selection of music, theatre, dance, film, food, forms, literature, visual arts, and workshops. This year’s line-up includes performances by Queensland Ballet, musician Tim Freedman of the Whitlams, comedy duo the Umbilical Brothers, GANZA Capella, Modern Maori Quartet, a one-act play festival, plus so much more.

Why: Everything in one child-friendly festival. Including several opportunities for the Umbilical Brothers to distract your children whilst you sneak away and drive away at high speed to a better life.

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