Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 26/08/2018

Pay attention, Brisbane. If you blink, you’ll miss it. But don’t worry, cause you’ll damn sure hear it. This week’s a week of secret venues and explosive bass.


10) Cosplay High Tea

26th August

Suit up, freaks. We are, if nothing else, lovers of the incongruent and by golly this one puts the very term to shame. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Don’t come as you are; come as you should be in a high tea populated by the weird, wonderful and, let’s be honest, tentacle porn aficionados.


9) Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance

31st August

Midnight. Moonlight. No…unfortunately Angelica Houston isn’t on the bill, nor any kind of grave excavation. However, there’ll be booze, gourmet dining and elegant dance and apparently a toppling of “socially created barriers” wherein “all members of the Brisbane community can come together as equals”. So, we’re guessing it involves a few lobotomies and an actual time machine.


8) The Croft House 2nd Birthday

31st August

The booziest 2 year old’s birthday celebration you’ll ever attend – apart from your own kids one that is. The Croft is celebrating its second year with a new cocktail menu, a DJ and a bartender with skills that’ll leave your over-confident drunken post-Tarantino sword play in the shameful dust.


7) Valley Fiesta Silent Disco

1st September

Yes. This is a thing now. 200 LED flashing headsets, house music, 80s, 90s and reggae and…uh…well, the whole thing is based on the fact that there’s no external music playing outside of your headset. If you’re like us and take pleasure in viewing the ridiculous, come on down. it’s quite a thing to observe and surely will make you feel slightly better about the fact that you just don’t understand these pop-culture trends.


6) Brisbane Arcade Spring Collection Runway Show and Cocktail Party

1st September

Why should those damn Melbournians have all the fun? Well. Fun is a…strong word. This is a fashion event so we’ll shoot for uppity morally bankrupt consumer orgy. Spring runway collections from Brisbane Arcade’s most esteemed designers will be adorning Brisbane in a launch that includes a two-hour cocktail party sure to compensate emotionally for your own vastly inadequate aesthetic value.


5) Hidden Valley

1st September

It’s back. For the fourth time. Featuring the newest in live DJ talents pumping across two laser lit smoke filled rooms, this’ll be a night wherein you can take as many pictures of yourself being a part of the young hip scene before you retire to your house and…remove your earplugs.


4) Eric Bellinger Live

30th August

The writer behind the hit singles of Usher, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson and Justin Bieber, Eric Bellinger, is striking out on his own. And if history’s anything to go by this should work out…uh…well.


3) The Palais Pop Up Party Series: Absolut Elyx

31st August

Ahhh…now we’re in our wheelhouse. A pop-up dedicated to the appreciation of Absolut Elyx, a premium vodka, and a grand night of immersive entertainment within the Crystal Palais with burlesque performances and a DJ set that won’t annihilate your eardrums.


2) Sounds of the Underground

1st September

Well, this ones a secret. So…we’ll leave it to them to do the explaining here, “Certain sounds can affect our circulation and nervous system… Whatever change such vibrations cause, extends to the mind of a person and also to the surrounding atmosphere, causing warmth or coolness. All this can be known by study and shown by practice. -Swami Murugesu. A concious intent through music to create a collective higher vibration!” That’s right. A quote within a quote. To describe a secret event at a secret venue with a to be confirmed end time. It really doesn’t get more contemporary than this.


1) Trevor Noah: End Of Days

27th August

Trevor Noah, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award–winning program The Daily Show in the US is manifesting in all his brilliant glory in Melbourne. Oh, believe us. You need to buy these tickets.

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