Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 19/05/2019

This week’s so lux you’ll need to purge after. The sight of rich people swanning around in boats should make you sufficiently nauseated enough.


10) CameraPro Photography Festival 

25th May

What: Return to the CameraPro basecamp for the biannual full day festival event! This time, the theme will be photography, with a line up of photographers and videographers presenting inspiring content for everyone wanting to do more with their cameras.

Why: Do more with your camera. Recycle it.


9) Strange Bird Cocktails

23rd May

What: Appreciate the dazzling views from the River Deck whilst sampling key varieties from the ‘Strange Bird’ Granite Belt wine selection and feasting upon a selection of meticulously prepared canapes.

Why: There’s nothing stranger than finding yourself feeling superior to people buying cheap wine from Aldi simply buy adding canapes.


8) Luxxbox + Makers Take

25th May

What: Luxxbox + Makers Take bring together the local art & design community for a one-night-only exhibition and street party. Exploring the work of established and emerging product designers from across Brisbane, the event combines a curated furniture product showcase and live entertainment, creating an environment to support, nurture and inspire the creative pulse of the city.

Why: What better way to celebrate the creativity of in-home furniture than littering the streets with it?


7) Australian Wearable Art Festival

24th May

What: Explore the wild and wonderful world of wearable art at the Australian Wearable Art Festival in Eumundi on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It will be a gala evening under the stars and a canopy of trees as the Australian Wearable Art catwalk comes to life!

Why: Gallery art has limited appeal. But wrap it around a model and add alcohol and you’ve really got something.


6) Opera in the Caves 

24th-25th May

What: The acoustically sensational Capricorn Caves will be brought to life with a stunning new show by the Underground Opera Company. Featuring some of the country’s most celebrated musical theatre performers, the show will dazzle guests with incredible renditions of showstoppers from the golden years of Hollywood, and more.

Why: Opera where it belongs. In an underground cave where the rest of us don’t have to hear it.


5) Miz Cracker One Woman Show: American Woman 

23rd May

What: Cracker will use comedy and performance to open a discussion upon the way in which drag queens and gay men can become better allies to women in an age where feminism is more important than ever.

Why: An event concerning feminism that is legitimately enjoyable.


4) Madfest 

25th May

What: Madman Anime Festival is a truly unique event that brings all things anime and Japanese culture to you! Featuring international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, and super exclusive anime events, Madman Anime Festival has something for every anime fan.

Why: Get in on the zeitgeist now before the majority of it is porn. Wait…sorry. You had your chance.


3) Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 

23rd-25th May

What: Live music, delicious food, vibrant bars and street entertainers combine with a nonstop program of family entertainment to deliver an event that has something for everyone. Boat lovers can enjoy the high-life on the high seas, with over 200 luxury boats on water. Step on board 100ft superyachts, ocean passagemakers, sleek sailing boats, speedy sports models and ultra-cool catamarans.

Why: If you weren’t overjoyed by the recent election results you need not attend.


2) MOULD: A Cheese Festival

19th May

What: Australia’s favourite cheese festival, MOULD brings together the best artisan producers from across the country for a day of cheese, wine, masterclasses and more.

Why: In a few more years, rising temperatures will make the announcement of this festival obsolete. Just stick your head out the window and the miasma of cheese sweating in the sun will punch you in the face.


1) Big Pineapple Music Festival 

25th May

What: From masters of the drop and platinum selling electronic luminaries, to international pop queens and indie underground legends, the seventh edition of Big Pineapple Music Festival will have your musical tastebuds tingling.

Why: One of the few music festivals not mired in drug-related controversy. So you know they’ll still have the good stuff.

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