Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 17/11/2019

‘Tis the nearly the season and Santa has a gluten intolerance.


10) Opera in the Upper House

21st & 22nd November

What: Experience the thrill of the Opera in the Upper House starring the youthful, energetic and enchanting Brisbane City Opera. Step back in time and be captivated by the splendour and history of the Upper House. Formerly the site of the Legislative Council Chamber, it only makes sense to bring to life themes of romance, betrayal, quarrels and politics through an opera extravaganza.

Why: Nothing gives one more of a thrill than the smell of decades of legislative assemblies coupled with the protracted quasi-scream of a foreign language fed through a Brisbane accent.


9) The Cellar Series 2019 Concert #3 FIVE ELEMENTS

17th November

What: Australia’s leading tabla percussionist Dheeraj Shrestha and guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia create a hypnotic kaleidoscope of sounds and rhythms from across the globe. A musical meditation in wellbeing, Five Elements draws on the healing synergy these two master improvisers and musical storytellers generate. Traditional songs and themes re-imagined for this rare ensemble form the foundation for an entrancing concert experience.

Why: Music so experimental that if you find it instinctively appealing, they’ll be violently offended.


8) Club Coco feat. CC:DISCO! & Raphaël Top Secret

22nd November

What: Presenting two of the worlds most vibrant, innovative and exciting selectors. DJ, radio host, curator, label head and party promoter – CC:DISCO! is hopelessly lost in music and there’s no turning back. Playing disco, house and boogie cuts with her heart at the controls, CC triggers a joyous feedback loop that infects the dancefloor. There’s no pretension, only pure feeling. As usual, joining CC:DISCO and RTS are wax comrades Paolo and the fresh prince of black bear, Aidan Beiers. Round up your crew and come on through!

Why: “Two of the worlds most vibrant, innovative and exciting selectors”. Two out of a couple of hundred thousand isn’t bad.!-and-Raphael-Top-Secret/55fdee60-0729-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


7) We Lost the Sea ‘Triumph & Disaster’ Album Launch Tour

22nd November

What: Post-metal band, We Lost The Sea’s forthcoming record, Triumph & Disaster, is a post-apocalyptic view of the collapse of the world. It is told like a children’s story and illustrated through the eyes of a mother and her son as they spend one last day on Earth. The album deliberates themes and events such as the climate crisis, over consumption, isolation and the loss of love and trust. It is a lament for the planet, all the people on it and the beauty that will be left behind.

Why: Beto O’Rourke, upside-down and in reverse.‘Triumph-and-Disaster’-Album-Launch-Tour/b4a0ebc0-0729-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


6) The Joy of Wine

23rd November

What: The Joy of Wine is a veil-lifting guide to that most sensual of beverages. Celebrate the joys of the grape in a multitude of positions, from the wildly exotic to the missionary. From emerging talent and labels contending for the next Young Gun of Wine Awards to some of the best wines from blind tastings and editorials for, the event will feature winemakers and other pros slinging wines. Sip and spit, or slurp and swallow, whatever takes your fancy. Talk your way through it, or keep your lips sealed. It’s your choice. Guests roam between all four venues across the course of the event.

Why: Copious amounts of wine coupled with walking. Seems a like a well-thought-out event.


5) Sounds of AfroBeats Festival 

23rd November

What: Australia’s largest Afrobeats festival, Sounds of Afrobeats Festival, returns to Brisbane shores at the The Stock Exchange Hotel. Featuring: DJ Emotion, DJ Teabee, DJ Shyne and DJ Hosho.

Why: We’ve not heard of this particular genre of music before. But if it’s a product of this era and involves the word ‘afro’, you can be sure there’ll be a lot of white hipsters present.


4) Opus Of A Machine & Glass Ocean Tour

23rd November

What: Brisbane’s prog-quartet, Opus Of A Machine and Sydney’s Glass Ocean hit the road together again in Nov/Dec for a co-headline tour. Opus of a Machine return to the road in full force to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of their critically acclaimed debut album Simulacra. They are known for pushing the creative boundaries of alternative, progressive rock by combining the experimental nature of the genre’s foundation with an electro, pop edge. Technical wizardry meets emotional introspection with pumping synths and skyscraping melodies all pinned down by a rock solid groove. Joining them is Glass Ocean. Boasting maturity beyond their years, and earning a reputation as a must see live act with their modern take on late 90’s progressive pop sugar-coated with a subtle hint of pure and incorruptible sensuality, Glass Ocean are one of Australia’s most prominent up and coming acts.

Why: The hipster baptism.


3) Collab Co. Eco Twilight Christmas Market

23rd November

What: A collaborative, boutique event showcasing local artists, makers and bakers committed to positive change. The Collab. Co Twilight Eco Christmas Market has been carefully curated to raise awareness and promote a more mindful approach to the festive season with all vendors possessing a passion for minimising their eco-footprint.

Why: Just mindful enough to ruin the structural integrity and taste of cookies with gluten-free flour and vegan chocolate, not mindful enough to acknowledge the fact that the festivities still largely resemble a Coke Ad from the 30s that grew out of the ashes of a once-peaceful, since violently quashed society.


2) Urban Wine Walk

23rd November

What: The sun is shining, the weather is sweet! That’s right everyone, spring is here and that means it’s time to gather your friends because Urban Wine Walk is back! As a part of their biggest series to date, the city will light up as a line-up of the neighbourhood’s best venues each transform into an Urban Cellar Door for you to visit on a self-guided wine tasting trail without having to leave the city! You and your friends will enjoy amazing hospitality at a hand picked selection of local bars and restaurants whilst of course sampling a range of beautiful wines from the best winemakers Australia has to offer.

Why: More walking? Who’s planning these things?


1) Bohemian Beatfreaks

22nd-24th November

What: Artists, dancers, gypsies, soul-searchers, students and dreamers, you’re invited to gather at a bushland paradise for the weekend. You will laugh, you will play, you will camp and you will dance in the forest under the stars. Featuring 47 acts playing techno, dubstep, psytrance, downtempo, electro, pop, hardcore, drum & bass and EDM music. Aside from music, the Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival also features a vibrant market village with healthy food and drink options and a social bar with quality craft beers and cocktails. When you’re in more of a Netflix & Chill mood they have a late night cinema, tea lounge and chill space with daily yoga classes & workshops.

Why: It’s held in an isolated forest far from the hustle and bustle of every day. Free your soul. Don’t feel obligated to come back.

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