Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 17/03/2019

Feel the flow, Brisbane. Of malt liquor down your throat. You’ll need it. There’s an indie pop-rock singer who’s about to open her mouth.


10) GeoRabble Brisbane 

19th March

What: If you enjoy a laugh and you are fond of the Spatial Industry, this one is for you.  The evening includes 4 presenters to entertain and inform you with their Spatial Adventures. In line with the World Science Fair that starts in Brisbane next week; presentations come from some very smart minds on a range of the latest technical trends.

Why: It’s a whole new world, friend. You need to learn at least some of the terms that will be bandied about at this thing in order to avoid obsolesence and at least maintain the illusion that you’re a useful sack of meat.


9) Hybridisation

19th March

What: An intimate tasting with good friends from Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Hop Nation Brewery. Both breweries will have the bottle conditioned versions of Vin Ale and Wine Series respectively and some gear on tap for halftime refreshments. It’ll be a touch sour, a little funky and most probably a fun night.

Why: “Most probably a fun night”. Well, for the first time a liquor-based event has captured the essence of a night of drinking including the gentle hope tempered by years of experience that it won’t at some point descend into catastrophe.


8) The Kaiju! Tinnie Launch Gala

22nd March

What: For one night only, Newstead Brewing Co is getting 50% fancy to launch this beer into the world. Dress code for the gala is 50% formal/gala wear, 50% as ridiculous as you want to get. Think formal wear meets garbage bag. Coming straight from work? Don’t own any formal wear? Can’t organise your life properly? Don’t stress, they’ll have an onsite wardrobe.

Why: We’ll admit. All those mentions of ‘50%’ had us envisioning shelves of 100 proof whisky. Our mistake. Well, the beer just seems inadequate now. How rude to use percentage points so close to alcohol. It’s just irresponsible.!-Tinnie-Launch-Gala/4b53b940-485c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Scotch & The Squire

21st March

What: The evening will be a celebration of fine Talisker Scotch whiskies served with James Squire beers – a recipe better known as a ’boilermaker’. Discover the history and the art behind boilermakers, learn how to prepare your own and celebrate craft industries at their finest!

Why: We’re not the biggest fan of the taste of the ‘boilermaker’, but we will admit, it does solve that problem quite quickly by making you unable to taste anything.


6) Journey to the Maltiverse

18th March

What: A night celebrating and learning about malt, the middle child of beer ingredients. Craft malt company Voyager are hanging out for a night to talk about their small batch, artisanal malts, as well as showcase some very rare malts for the first time in a bunch of specialty beers put together by local Brisbane breweries.

Why: Malt: Yet another word to learn on your journey to legitimising your addiction into the realm of sophisticated.


5) Revel’s Farm to Table with Matt Kirkegaard

21st March

What: Join Revel’s Head Brewer Matthew Cuthbert & Brisbane-based freelance beer writer, educator, and independent craft beer advocate Matt Kirkegaard in an exclusive Farm to Table & beer appreciation evening. With a live Jazz Trio setting the background scene, this highly sought after wood-fired curated dinner will be an adventure from Farm-to-table and Grain-to-glass, a discovery of provenance and inspiration by these two industry legends discussing their passion for quality, flavour and above all good beer & good food!

Why: “A discovery of provenance and inspiration”. It almost sounds like a religious experience. Except, of course, this time the ones intoxicated will be consenting adults and the hosts will accept reasonable payment upfront and in front of your face.’s-Farm-to-Table-with-Matt-Kirkegaard/699902d0-485b-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Paradigm Brisbane

22nd March

What: At Paradigm, they believe the electronic scene is so much more than just music. It’s an experience, a philosophy, a journey.  Let them take you on yet another wild ride. Strap yourselves in for Paradigm 2019. Featuring: Neelix, Zen Mechanics & Aes Sedai, Purple Hayes, Surge and Tranceducer.

Why: “So much more than just music”. Well, that explains a lot. Sort of like how Playboy is so much more than just interviews with Lorne Michaels.


3) Tash Sultana Flowstate World Tour

21st March

What: Tash started out playing open mic nights on a fake id and busking on the streets of Melbourne. Now Tash is selling out every headline show, from theatres to arenas across multiple countries and playing dozens of high profile festivals around the globe.

Why: Imagine every generic indie pop-rock singer combined and shove a beanie on its head in 30 degree Australian weather.


2) Brisbane Comedy Festival 

17th-24th March

What: Australia’s fastest growing comedy festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival, has grown into a multi-venue extravaganza, bursting at the seams to host a hand-picked selection of the funniest folk in the country.

Why: Laugh with something other than bitterness.


1) Daniel Sloss – X

22nd March

What: Internationally acclaimed, award-winning Scottish stand-up star, Daniel Sloss returns to Australia with his new show, X. Brilliantly dark with razor-sharp wit and the ability to deftly spin a narrative, Sloss is a comedian who is “dirty, sweet and clever” (New York Times).

Why: There’ll soon be a complex relationship between Scottish exports and the rest of the world. Take advantage of this opportunity now.

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