Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 17/02/2019

Summer’s almost gone. …Sorry. We didn’t mean to mislead you. Jim Morrison’s still dead. What’s worse? Eminem isn’t.


10) International Margarita Day

23rd February

What: It is International Margarita Day! Join the Aztec for 3 classic margaritas, nachos & tacos to share, and churros for dessert!

Why: Who knew there was a day once a year set aside just for margaritas? With what we know of the middle aged school parent section of society, we always thought it was a weekly thing called Thursday.


9) Genesis – Madusa

17th February

What: Genesis is back at the Eatons Hill Hotel! Headlined with two interstate clashes! Jonathan “Prodigy”Aiulu (QLD) vs Alex Job (WA). Nakia “Drop Bear” Wright (QLD) vs Kaitlyn Vance (WA). A battle of DJs. A battle to harmonise.

Why: Because if there’s one thing incoherent DJ club music needs it’s to be weaponised in a battle against itself. The organisers will not be held accountable for any permanent hearing loss sustained. That’s on you.


8) End of Summer Party

23rd February

What: Get keen ya’ll as a few hundred people make their way out to private property out past Crows Nest QLD for one hell of a weekend. This event is BYO alcohol. Dinner & camping is included in your ticket price. Enjoy a smoker pit serving up pulled pork, bacon & aioli burgers! Plus a hot breakfast in the morning with barista made coffee.

Why: A secret rural-ish venue? A smoking pit of fire? Unregulated intoxicants? Do…do you hear the sound of a banjo being played kind of ominously or is that just us?


7) The 2018 Matilda Awards Ceremony

18th February

What: The Matilda Awards honours and celebrates the achievements of the Queensland theatre industry. The local theatre community is invited to join us at Brisbane Powerhouse to applaud artists, companies and collectives for exceptional work in theatre throughout 2018.

Why: You know that one-woman show that lasted for four hours and contained references to the worst functions of human genitalia in uncomfortable relation to the parent-child relationship? Turns out there’s awards for that kind of thing.


6) Gainsborough Greens Food Truck Festival

23rd February

What: Things are heating up this February at Mirvac’s Gainsborough Greens community in Pimpama, with the free annual Food Truck Festival set to deliver tasty cuisines from around the globe and a line-up of family-friendly films for Gold Coast residents to enjoy.

Why: All the joy of an elegant theatre experience except you’re outside surrounded by dogs, children and exhaust fumes.


5) Ginfused Festival

23rd February

What: The Ginfused Festival will be a collaboration featuring some of Australia’s finest distilleries, joining forces to celebrate all things botanical. This full day festival will be an amazing fun-filled day with artisan gin, free cocktail masterclasses, cheese, charcuterie boards and live music.

Why: What better way to counteract the intestinal repercussions of gourmet cheese and salted meats than with a liquid that could eat through dry wall.


4) Cacao Addict: Raw Chocolate Frenzy!

23rd February

What: Want to learn how to create this magnificent super food into delectable treats? Come along and learn with Blue Diamond Leader Petah-Jane how to create magnificent mouth watering treats easily and simply.

Why: Or ditch the pretence and spend the evening tonguing a jar of Nutella. Best part? You wont have to pretend to enjoy the taste of pure chocolate without the aid of industrial quantities of sugar, fat and dairy.!/dabba0c0-30c9-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Gin Sanity

23rd February

What: GIN SANITY returns this SUMMER at Blank Space! With more Vendors you’ll be saying more Gin, more sin! Discover the Gin Corner and experience an exclusive late SUMMER PARTY featuring tastings, masterclasses and Toowoomba’s biggest Gin bar.

Why: We have no idea why they decided to play with the word ‘insanity’. In the times we live in, slowly annihilating your liver is really the only sane option.


2) John Butler Trio & Missy Higgins Tour

22nd February

What: Aussie music icons John Butler Trio and Missy Higgins are joining forces. The tour will finally reunite two artists whose early careers were closely intertwined.

Why: A white guy with dreads and a vaguely bisexual white chick with short hair reuniting after 15 years? Why, it’s the paragon of essentially stymieing progressionist music.


1) Eminem RAPTURE Tour

20th February

What: Eminem’s fiercely loyal Australian fanbase has been willing for tour dates to be added in this territory, constantly spinning the rumour mill into overdrive, and now their prayers have been answered: the rap god is on his way for this second instalment of the RAPTURE 2019 stadium tour.

Why: Well, what do you know. His tour dates finish just before Sydney’s set to be lit up by the Mardi Gras parade. Makes sense.

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